The Mysteries of The Deep-Blue Sea

November 26, 2022 People's Tonight 180 views

Believe it or not, the sea makes up most of the world’s surface. Scientists and researchers have yet to understand the sea as a whole. There are still many parts of the sea that are yet to be discovered. The sea can be a blessing as well as a curse. Centuries ago, thousands of lives were lost to the sea. Even with the advancement of society, it still takes lives as it would like. These researchers have to face the fierce nature of the sea as it envelops them in storms, raging waters and heavy rainfall. They have to be gone for long lengths of time just to carry out their investigations. During these long periods of time, they tend to leave their partners behind. If you are in a similar situation and want to ensure your partner is satisfied while you are gone, purchase Sex Toys Malaysia.

SeaSince the sea is incredibly dangerous and risky, it is not surprising to find out that there are several mysteries attached to it. Mystery usually stems from fear, unresolved stories or just fascination.

Mysteries are also theories that come with a certain amount of truth with it. Either way, the sea has some of the most interesting mysteries. Some old, and some new. Assuming that you are one of the people who enjoy a good mystery, hold on tight as this article ventures into the unresolved, bizarre and maybe chilling mysteries of the deep.

Yonaguni Monument

Monument1One of the more recent discoveries of human society, the Yonaguni Monument remains a mystery to all. The monument came to the knowledge of humans when a local Japanese diver stumbled upon it in 1986. Ever heard of Atlantis?. Well, people began to compare Atlantis to the Yonaguni Monument because it replicates the structures of a lost civilization. The basis of this reasoning depends on the symmetrical form the monument presents. It is incredibly symmetrical to the point that most believe it to be a man-made structure. These ‘step-like’ structures allowed academics and experts to come to a conclusion that the monument was most likely built by humans over a couple of hundred centuries ago. Masaaki Kimura belongs to that group of people. The marine geologist suggests that the remains belong to a 5,000-year-old-city. You would think that the issue was solved there. But, mysteries aren’t mysteries if they have proper conclusions.

Robert Shoch, a natural sciences professor who teaches at Boston University made a suggestion that the monument is naturally made. This professor, along with several other experts, hypothesised that the monument has many similarities to the land formations found nearby. They believe that the formation, made of sandstone, diminishes into straight edges. These breaks could be presented as a man-made construction because of these straight edges. Either way, both suggestions have not taken away the fact that it is a fascinating find.

The Bermuda Triangle

BermudaNext, we have one of the more infamous mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Almost everyone is aware of the existence of the Bermuda Triangle. It is found in the Atlantic ocean, between Bermuda, Puerto Rico and Miami. It is triangular in shape, and it covers almost 500,000 square miles of ocean. This triangle is the source of many missing planes and ships. Plus, the wreckage from said planes and ships can’t be found. You would think that with our advanced technology, we could have figured out the mystery behind this area, but it is yet to be solved.

There are several cases of unexplained disappearances. First, in 1918, a military ship called the USS Cyclops went missing with 300 crew members. Apparently, the ship was travelling from Baltimore to Brazil and must have crossed the Bermuda Triangle unexpectedly. Next, in 1945, we have five Navy bombers who had no choice but to land at sea when their compasses malfunctioned. During this period, they must have been enveloped by the Bermuda Triangle one way or the other. Even during these past few decades, planes are reported to have been missing without a trace, especially when they have come close to that area. The human species have yet to fully grasp the Bermuda Triangle phenomenon, so until it is solved, it would be best to avoid that area at all costs.

The Mary Celeste

CelesteDon’t you just love pirate-related stories? From the swashbuckling adventures to the uncountable stand-offs. The pirate age truly produced some incredible tales of sea journeys, treasure maps and sword fighting. However, there are also some stories that can bring ‘shivers down your timbers’ as the pirates say.

The mystery of Mary Celeste has led people to believe that mythical creatures of the sea do exist. In 1872, the ship was set to travel from the city of New York to Italy. However, it was lost at sea and soon discovered on land. The eerie part of this story is that there seemed to be no one on board. The ship was found empty, except for food and water that could have lasted for at least six months.

The ship’s journal seemed to have the last log in over a week before it was found. To this day, no one has figured out the disappearance of the 10 crew members. During that time, many believed that the creatures of the sea could have lured them to abandon their ship.

These three cases just scratch the surface of the thousands of other mysterious cases that happened at sea. On top of that, those are just the recorded ones. Imagine the hundreds of cases that are yet to come to light. Hopefully, with the further advancement of society and technology, we can figure out these cases. However, there is a certain intrigue to knowing that some cases just can be resolved. It allows people to be imaginative, and it adds wonder to our often grey world. Humans are quaint species, because the minute we comprehend something, is the same minute we lose interest in it. So, whether we like it or not, some mystery cases are best left alone and unsolved.