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PNP-SAF helps Egay-hit regions

July 31, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 270 views

ELITE commandos from the Philippine National Police Special Action Force have joined an effort to restore normalcy in areas badly devastated by super typhoon ‘Egay,’ the Journal Group learned yesterday.

“We have joined the Adopt-A-Region Program of the PNP not only to secure the typhoon-ravaged areas but also to help in the continuing conduct of relief operations,” said PNP-SAF director Major General Rudolph B. Dimas.

The official said that SAF troopers known for their search-and-rescue skills have been deployed to the affected areas to help in the disaster response and recovery efforts.

On orders of PNP chief General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr., the PNP-SAF has prepared its desalination machines to provide clean drinking water to communities where water resources have been contaminated.

The PNP-SAF director said he fully understood that the killer typhoon had not only wreaked havoc on the physical infrastructure but had also shattered the hopes and dreams of the people in the affected regions.

Thus, he expressed optimism the presence and assistance of SAF troopers could help restore a sense of security, hope and normalcy among the affected residents.

The SAF troopers’ initiative together with the whole PNP is an exceptional illustration of kindness, commitment and resilience in the face of adversity. It was proof of the strength of unity and the SAF troopers’ steadfast commitment to serving the Filipino people.

Acorda earlier ordered his men to arrest profiteers and hoarders in areas badly hit by typhoon ‘Egay.’

He also said that their programs encompass a range of key initiatives including the PNP Help and Food Bank aimed at delivering aid and support to the affected regions.

The PNP chief ordered the launching of their ‘Adopt-A-Region Program’ wherein specific Police Regional Offices have been assigned to support and provide aid to regions in need.

The National Capital Region Police Office headed by Brigadier Gen. Jose Melencio C. Nartatez Jr. has adopted the Police Regional Office 1 which has jurisdiction over Ilocos-Pangasinan region.