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People Reveal Things They Swear They Saw But Can’t Prove

April 22, 2023 People's Tonight 319 views

Jacob Shelton

Have you ever been driving with your friends, and you suddenly see something unexplainable on the road that no one else saw? Everyone has a story about something crazy happening, that they know happened, even though they have zero proof. Over on Reddit, there’s a thread where people reveal things they think they saw. Even though there’s no evidence of their claims, the creepy true stories are still riveting.

Some of these Reddit tales that don’t have proof are incredibly spooky, but there are a few that are fun, and some that are just straight up weird.

If you like entertaining and weird Reddit stories, then these tales are the perfect thing to read to get you through your day, or maybe to make you feel better about that thing you saw that one time that no one believes you about. You know the one. Keep reading and vote up the wildest “true” stories that can’t be proven.


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Ghost Dad

From a Former Redditor:

When I was 5, I woke up from my sleep and saw a man sitting on the stairs watching me. I wasn’t scared though. There was something tranquil about it. I just watched him and he watched me for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then, all of a sudden, he was gone. A few days later, I found out my dad was killed in Europe. I live in Canada and my parents were separated. There’s pictures of me with him when I was just born, but he left shortly after that.

To this day, that is the only memory that I have of my dad. A ghost watching over me. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I know what I saw. I’ve never told anyone before except my mom.

What do you think?

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Carnival Doppelganger

From Redditor no_egrets:

Once as a kid, my parents took me to a carnival. I was four years old, and at the time an only child. I got in line for one of those rides where you sit inside a plastic dragon and spin the wheel to rotate yourself faster. Climbing into what I assumed was an empty dragon, I was startled to see another girl already waiting for the ride to start. She looked exactly like me. We spun the wheel and stared at each other in silence, without blinking, for the entire duration of the ride.

When it ended, we got mixed up in the shuffle and my parents started to walk away with this other little girl. I yelled for them to wait, and they turned back and saw me 20 feet behind them. They both went ghost white, and when I caught up, my doppelgänger was gone. To this day, we never ever speak of that trip to the carnival.

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A Woman Who Flies Across The Street

From Redditor /u/frozen_food_section:

I’m driving my friend home around 2 or 3 am and as we approach her intersection there is a woman walking along in the right lane of the street that I’m driving along. I’m supposed to be turning right onto my friends street soon but I switch out of that lane to avoid her and my friend and I kind of mention that was weird. One of us suggests maybe she’s blind or sleepwalking and I decide to U-turn around to see if maybe I can help her, but I feel very strange about the entire situation.

I stop in the left lane closest to where she is and roll down the window a peep, debating what to say and she starts walking towards us with her arms forward, almost zombie-like, but more so as if she was trying to feel something. Her eyes looked closed when we first saw her, but now they seemed slightly opened or white-ish, and both times she was sort of smiling. I had an instant body feeling of, oh f*ck we gotta go, as one of us says, ‘This is not good energy’ and I just bolted out of the intersection and told my friend to sleep over at my place tonight. Still have no idea what this was exactly and when we mentioned it to my friend’s brother, he said he’s seen that woman eating soil some while ago across the street from their house during the day. No one knows if she lives in the neighborhood but she is not an immediate street neighbor since they all know each other.

Their immediate next door neighbor has apparently seen a woman, unspecified whether it looked like this one or not, ‘fly across’ the street.

To be fair, he’s a stoner and drinks a lot but a grown… man was scared out of his mind at 2am and came running to my friends house telling them this story. From what I recall, she was on his side of the street walking along, he looked away for one second and she was all the way on the other side of the street, like an impossible distance for a few seconds in front of someone’s eyes. Another neighbor who’s lived in the area since he was a child and is about 50 now has apparently seen this woman every so often and she ‘hasn’t aged.’ I kind of wanna find out more about this witch-like person cause this all seems insane and very eerie with a lingering bad energy and in a way the closest to something paranormal that I’ve experienced.

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An Animal That Screamed Like A Human

From Redditor /u/texasshorthorn:

When I was about 10 or 11 we were having a get together at Gma’s house for the holidays. All of us cousins played all day, and when night fell we played hide and seek. While the adults smoked and drank up by the house, we stayed on the back of the property just having a good time.

I was hiding in between a bush and the property fence when I heard the strangest sound. It was almost a scream, both happy and miserable at the same time. I jumped up and kinda shouted. All my cousins heard it, and we all saw it, too. It was an animal on two legs, and it ran off with really jerky motions.

Being the oldest by about three years, I calmed down the crying little ones and explained as best I could that it was just someone trying to scare us. I’ve had nightmares about that sound; in my mind it seems a grotesque mimicry of our joyous screams and laughter as we played.

None of my cousins today will admit to even remembering the incident, although the adults remembered the commotion it caused.

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The Wallet In The Bathroom Sink

From Redditor /u/mgncapri:

Not my story, but my brother’s. He lost his wallet and was retracing his steps looking for it. A homeless man approached him at a coffee shop and said to him.

“Don’t worry. It’s in the bathroom sink. Your wallet is in your bathroom sink.”

Later that night he did indeed find his wallet at home in the bathroom sink.

A few days later, he saw the same homeless man and thanked him for his help. The guy became really irritated and told my brother he had never seen him before.

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Something In The Water

From a Former Redditor:

When I was in the US Navy in the mid-2000s, I was in the Western Pacific doing a tour on the USS Kitty Hawk. I was on night shift at the time and it was about 2am and there was a storm way off on the horizon, lighting up the skyline something fierce to the portside. I swear to this day that I saw something that had to be about the size of a large skyscraper breaking the water, silhouetted against the horizon.

I’ve heard stories from people who have seen similar things. Only people who have seen similar things have ever come close to believing me. I don’t blame anyone for not believing me. It’s haunted me for over a decade. And I’ll probably never know what it was. I just know there’s creepy f*cking sh*t out there.

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The Dog Man Of Michigan

From Redditor /u/ViolentGrace:

Everyone was asleep, my camp site was the only one with a fire lit, and my dad’s girlfriend and I were awake. All of a sudden, I hear this terrible scream with an almost cackle quality to it. Then there was a rustling on the other side of a fence.

We had a clear line of sight between the campsite and the fence and this weird cougar/dog/human looking thing climbed over fence with its knees and arms bent at odd angles (almost 90°), then it was over the fence. It stood up on two legs and ran to the left into the campgrounds.

It was terrifying. No one has ever believed me, but my dad’s now ex-girlfriend still remembers, and looking into the urban legends in Michigan, I came across the story of the dog man.

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The Message From God

From Redditor /u/Chief_Ping:

I went outside early one morning and saw this woman kneeled in my mother’s flower garden. I was a little sketched out. I was like, 10, and a person I didn’t know was just sitting in the middle of our garden. Not knowing what to do, I just said hello to her. She turned around and immediately apologized for being in our yard, and said that we had such nice flowers, she couldn’t help it. Then she walked away. I thought it was cute, didn’t think any more of it, and went about my day.

My mom and dad left to do errands and my brother and I were home alone. We were both watching TV. Without any warning, someone taps my shoulder behind me. I freak out, turn around, and SHE IS STANDING RIGHT BEHIND MY BROTHER AND I.

She apologized immensely and then asked where my mom and dad were, and I told her they would be back anytime, but that she really shouldn’t be coming into people’s houses. She agreed, and asked for a pen and a piece of paper, saying she wanted to write them a note. I complied and told her to do it out in the dining room. I peered from behind a corner in my hallway and never let her out of my sight. I was beyond afraid. She calmly set the pen down, shouted, ‘Thank you,’ from the dining room, and then walked out the front door. I bolted to the window and made sure she was gone, then I bolted to the door and locked it. Then I nervously and very slowly approached the note she left on the table.

I read it and was dumbfounded. She said that she believed God spoke to her in the garden, and told her to build an altar to her grandmother.

The note was her scheduling an appointment with my mother to discuss placing a tombstone and a prayer table or something in the garden.

My parents got home and I freaked out, I told them my mom had to talk to this woman. She left her phone number on the note. My mom took the day off work, sat out on the porch at the time the woman said, and waited for her to arrive. She never showed up. My mom called the number on the note, only to get a disconnected message. The only proof I had of any of these things happening was the note she left. My mom and dad don’t believe most of the story, and it seems even my brother forgot about it, but I know it happened.

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The Missing Kid From The Milk Carton

From Redditor /u/fafa_flunky:

When I was about 10 they started putting missing children on milk cartons. Every morning for a while I was looking at this boy’s face on the side of the milk while I would eat my cereal. Then one day a car went down my street while I was playing outside, and there was a boy in the back seat with his face up close to the window looking out.

I’m 99% sure it was the boy from the milk carton. I told my parents but they didn’t believe me.

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A Confederate Soldier

From Redditor /u/rayofkeywork:

A man dressed as a confederate soldier walking down my street as I was heading home from work. There was a school bus coming and he stopped on the other side of the road, as if to let the bus pass before crossing, and I stopped at the stop sign.

We looked at each other, the bus passed, and then he was gone.

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A Crow Fight Club

From Redditor /u/ANinjaShadow:

When I was about 13, my family had a Jack Russell, Jack, and a chow chow mix, Kuma. The dogs had free reign of our 1/2 acre fenced in yard. One day, I let Jack outside like any other day but I noticed the trees were FILLED with crows. The property is surrounded by several large trees and there must have been hundreds of crows. As I’m in awe with the sheer amount of black death surrounding my home, I realize there is a MASSIVE crow on the ground and Jack is challenging him, growling and circling the bird. He was about 12 lbs and I was afraid he’d get carried away. Then all of a sudden the battle began. He was biting the crow’s wings and the bird was pecking him and trying to grab him with one foot still on the ground! Crow king gave no sh*ts! All his hundreds of crow followers were bursting into caws and shrieks egging on their leader but never joining in.

I, meanwhile, was screaming for my brother, freaking out thinking our dog would be killed. He came running out of the house screaming for Jack to come but that bastard never listened. That’s when Kuma came barreling out of the house straight towards the bird-dog battle arena, grabbed the crow king by the neck, and shook that f*cker with fiery disregard for his onlooking horrified subjects.

The crow king was dead.

The skies filled with crows and the sound was deafening as they all flew away. Hundreds of pissed off crows all cawing and flapping away. Jack’s face was all cut up but other than that he was fine. To this day, my older brother and I are the only ones that saw this sh*t happen and no one in my family believes me when I tell the story of the crow king and his defeat.

I think it was a crow fight club and they all gather to send their strongest fighters into battle and bet on the winner.

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A Ball Of Light That Shoots Into The Stars

From Redditor /u/builditup123:

Watched a white light hover in the distance between two mountains, then it moved up, then down.

At that point I called my buddies outside to watch it. We witnessed it move side to side, then in a perfect clockwise circle, then anticlockwise.

Next it started doing tight figure eights one way, then back the other way. We watched it then move diagonally to the left then back to center, diagonally right and then back to center.

During this we discussed the possibilities of what it could be, a helicopter, a skilled pilot, a series of spotlights? The speed at which it moved and the fact it didn’t waver slightly and the fact the motion was so fluid left us without an explanation.

As we discussed and watched the movements, the light moved even faster up, down and diagonally. It then sped off to the right at a speed we could barely focus on. It was now about three kilometers on the other side of the mountain and then suddenly it took off straight up and out towards the stars till it was gone.

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The Missing Ash Tray

From Redditor /u/cuddlemycat:

I was having a secret smoke one night and when I was finished, I went to put the ashtray in my hiding place on the top of a high cupboard in my kitchen. Instead of getting the footstool, I was on my tiptoes and stretching up to put the ashtray up there when I lost my balance and the ashtray slipped out of my fingers and fell down to the floor. I ducked out of the way so I didn’t get covered in ash or get hit by the heavy glass ashtray and I heard it hit the ground behind me loudly and then clatter as it rolled. I sighed as I knew I’d have to clean up ash from the floor and was annoyed at myself for being clumsy.

But then when I turned around to where I had heard it land – there was nothing there. I honestly spent about thirty minutes looking all over that kitchen for the ashtray or even a trace of ash on the floor, but there was nothing. It and its contents had simply vanished into thin air. I went to bed totally freaked out that night and had another look the next morning, but it was still gone and I’ve never seen it again since.

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A Pterodactyl Sighting

From Redditor /u/Zero_Fux_2_Give:

When I was living in Missouri in 2012 or 2013, I was feeding my chickens when they started acting very strange and ran inside their coop. I looked up and I swear to God, I saw a pterodactyl. I watched it as it glided over my property, then my neighbor’s, then across a small valley, and until it was completely out of sight.

There is no way it could have been anything else. As plain as day, it was a pterodactyl.

Very few people besides my wife and parents that I have told believe me, so I don’t tend to talk to many people about it. I even started doing research on pterodactyl sightings and emailed a subject matter expert; apparently they (the sightings) are not as uncommon as most people think.

And before I start getting blasted: I’m not a crazy person, I’m a perfectly sane 34-year-old man with no history of mental problems who has been holding down a solid career for the past 10 1/2 years.

I saw a pterodactyl, and that is a fact. I simply have no proof other than my word.

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A Ball Of Lightning

From Redditor /u/Vadavim:

Ball lightning. It was right after a thunderstorm passed by. I could see floating orbs in the sky. There were a couple of cars parked by an open field and people were watching this happen, so I parked and got out to join them.

We all sorta just looked on in silence until they winked out one by one. There was at least ten of them and they seemed to fly together in patterns. Sometimes they were fast, other times they slowed down or reversed direction. They seemed small, but I could tell this wasn’t because they were far up in the sky. If I were to guess, they’d be about the size of a basketball, maybe a little larger.

The whole ordeal only lasted thirty minutes. We then all got in our cars and left. I tried taking pictures but it was dark and the lights were too faint to make out. I should [have] recorded a video instead.

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The Blue Mouse

From Redditor /u/Totally_Not_Anna:

When I was about 6, my entire family was helping to build my grandparents a new house. I was helping my dad move some really long 2x4s from the lumber pile when a mouse ran out from under the board I had moved (out in the middle of the woods, mice were no big deal to any of us.) I did a double take though because THE MOUSE WAS FREAKING BLUE. I don’t mean the sun reflected off its fur and it had a blue sheen to it, I mean a brilliant, royal blue.

He was running fast, but I got my dad to notice it, too, and he agreed that the mouse really was royal freaking blue. We’ve told multiple people, my mom included, and no one believes us. But we know what we saw.

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The Man On The Unicycle

From Redditor /u/Sam_Pike:

I grew up in Florida, and have seen my fair share of weird stuff, but this takes the cake.

When I was about eight or nine, my older brother and I went on a walk in our neighborhood. At the end of the street that our house was on, we both saw a man in a doctor’s coat and surgical mask, walking very slowly and awkwardly like in a limp, while holding his side like he was injured. Both me and my brother thought this was some weird sh*t and decided to walk in the opposite direction, back home.

A couple of years later, I was playing basketball in my driveway and saw what looked like the same man in the doctor’s coat and surgical mask, except he was riding a unicycle pass my house on the road. He didn’t look at me, just kept staring straight ahead at the road, riding his unicycle. And a year after that, I swear I saw the same man riding his unicycle just days before I moved away from that house.

Whenever I tell people this now, they kind of give me a weird look and don’t really know what to say. It’s one of those weird things that’s too obscure to make up but too ridiculous to think it actually happened.

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An Alien Watching TV

From Redditor /u/89colbert:

This was probably 16 years ago so I was about 10 or 11 when I’d seen this. My parents basement was/is unfinished and we had a small TV and a single couch in the middle of it for my siblings and I to go play games, watch VHS tapes, whatever.

One night I decided to hang out down there by myself and watch some movies and I ended up falling asleep on the couch. While asleep I was in a dream where I was in the exact spot I was in in the basement, watching tv on the couch when something asked me, ‘What channel are you watching?’ Still in the dream I turn and say, ‘Channel 13’ to a short alien sitting next to and staring right at me. I of course wake up in the empty and now dark basement (I’m sure my parents came down to turn off the lights and tv) and am frozen in place for a moment until I hear something behind the couch.

I sat up to turn around hoping to god it was our old dog and there it was, the alien from the dream rising up about 2 feet from behind the couch and walking toward me. I’m sure I let out a blood curdling scream as I bolted upstairs and right to my parents bedroom. Everyone including the dog were up there and to this day I believe what I saw as crazy as it sounds.

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The Three White Figures

From a Former Redditor:

I’m not a superstitious person, so I’ve completely ruled this out as a strange coincidence. Still, when it comes to things, this series of events is by far the spookiest. This all happened within the span of two weeks last year.

First, I was walking home extremely late from work. I worked until about 3am and had decided I’d take the long walk home that night. […]

Anyway, I took a road that went away from the city and into the woods, so there wouldn’t be any cars zipping past as I walked. Next thing I know, I hear a rustle in some trees. I look over and see someone about 20 feet in the bush with a perfectly white blanket sat on their head.
I froze and looked at them for a moment, then slowly kept walking as I clutched my multi-tool in my pocket and flipped out its knife. After I continued for a few moments, they simply took off into the woods and that was that. Gave me the creeps, pegged it as a homeless guy or a teenager f*cking around on drugs.

The next night, I decided to walk to the store around 11:30pm. It’s a good walk so I’m not back until around 12:45. I live in a really nice neighborhood and right next to my apartment is a small convenience store that closes at 11pm. As I approach my apartment, I see this girl dressed in all white, head to toe. White heels, a nice short white dress, a white fur vest, a massive white hat. Her hair was blonde and she even had a long skinny cigarette. She looked like she just left a fancy ’30s costume party. She simply stood in this empty convenient store parking lot and payed no attention to me as I passed. Why she was in the middle of the closed lot, I have no idea, but once again, this sort of gave me the creeps. Especially after I recalled the previous night.

So I get into work [on] Monday, tell some people of my strange encounters to spook them out. Everyone tells me to stop walking at night, I decide it’s probably a good idea and jokingly say, “I don’t wanna risk running into the third white figure. OooOOo.”

The next Sunday, I realize I’m out of toothpaste and hop in my car and drive to the store. Driving back, I approach a stop sign with a crosswalk. The road is completely empty at this time of night, but I come to a complete stop – I always do. But apparently, I wasn’t really paying attention because the moment I pressed the gas, someone stepped out onto the crosswalk and I quickly hit my brakes. I immediately gesture an apologetic wave to the person and I realize it’s a kid. Not just any kid, an albino kid. He didn’t seem to notice my mistake and just slowly strolls past my car. I was already a little flustered from my inattentiveness, but for a brief moment as I thought about the two people I had seen before and how I had joked about there being a third… I nearly sh*t my pants, I was so creeped out.

Got home and immediately thought of it all as a coincidence. I had never seen an albino person before, so that made the last one especially shocking to me. But I don’t walk at night anymore, haha.

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The Monkey By The Door

From Redditor /u/Brenvol:

When I was about seven or eight, I was at my grandmother’s house in WV to spend the night, along with my brother and sister. It was Friday night and we were watching old school TGIF. There was a knock on the door and I jumped up to answer it (my grandma was in her bedroom and didn’t hear it. I wasn’t supposed to answer the door by myself, but I really liked to do it).

I opened the door and no one was there. I stepped out and looked to the left and right. To the right, beside the door, my grandma kept a small table. Sitting on that table was a mandrill. One of those primates like Rafiki from the Lion King. I don’t remember it moving, I just saw it sitting there staring at me.

I freaked out and slammed the door. My grandma came running out and I told her there was a monkey outside. She ran out my brother and sister ran to the door to see the monkey. I’ll never forget when I ran out and that table was empty. My grandma told me I shouldn’t tell tall tales and not to open the door when she wasn’t around.

That’s been over 20 years ago and my brother and sister still make fun of my for seeing a monkey. I’ve done Google searches about mandrills escaped from the zoo in rural West Virginia, but no such luck. It is still so clear in my mind I am sure it was there, though.

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