PAL flights to US continue

January 21, 2022 Jun I. Legaspi 236 views

THE Philippine Airlines (PAL) flag carrier continues to operate flights to the United State mailand after American authorities resolved safety questions over the effect of new 5G transmitters on aircraft instruments when in the vicinity of certain US airports.

PAL said that the US Department of Transportation assured the aviation community that aircraft landing in airports will not encounter interference from 5G radio waves, now that telecommunications companies have agreed with the Biden Administration to revise the deployment of the upgraded technology in key airports throughout the US.

5G refers to the fifth generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks.

Recently, the aviation sector raised concerns about the possible interference of radio signals from the new technology.

PAL SVP for Operation Stanley Ng said that these concerns have been addressed. Routes suspension mulled PAL considered canceling certain US-bound flights had there been any remaining concern over the 5G effect on flight safety.

Ng added that the safety of their passengers and crew is always their top priority and they also welcome the intervention of the US government and will continue to engage closely with the authorities, airports, aircraft makers and aviation safety professionals to ensure that every PAL flight is operated according to the highest safety standards.

In line with the PAL’s strict safety culture, the flag carrier will continue to monitor developments and make adjustments should there be changes that pose any impact on safety.

PAL will flies regularly to Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. PAL will also continued the safe operation of these flights and it will benefit thousands of travelers, including US-based Filipinos, who prefer to fly on PAL’s convenient nonstop flights between Manila and the US mainland.

The PAL flights to Honolulu and Guam, as well as routes to other overseas destinations in Asia, North America, Australia and the Middle East, are not affected by the 5G concerns.