Follow rules

April 24, 2024 People's Tonight 77 views

THE Philippine National Police (PNP) has reminded its officers and men to follow the agency’s rules, traditions and policies. 0ne of these is the sporting of tattoos, particularly those who wear the police uniform.

Under Memorandum-Circular No. 2024-023, all uniformed and non-uniformed or civilian police personnel must remove their visible tattoos.

“For some, it (is) considered as a creative art, an expession of oneself belief on their artistic side,” said PNP Spokesperson Col. Jean Fajardo.

But she was quick to emphasize that it is unpleasant to see police officers and men in uniform with so many tattoos.

“It’s not a curtailment of their rights.Once you enter the PNP, there are certain rules and tradition and policy that you have to follow,” Fajardo explained.

Well-meaning Filipinos, including the ordinary citizens, share the view of the lady police colonel, saying “talagang dapat laging malinis sa paningin ng tao ang mga pulis.”

“Baka matakot pa ang iba kung anu-ano ang mga naka-tattoo sa mga braso at leeg ng isang pulis,” an elderly man said.

However, the PNP memorandum-circular, dated March 19, excludes aesthetic tattoos, such as eyebrows and eyeliner.

We urge the Filipino people, including the country’s art lovers, to suport the PNP leadership in its all-out efforts to bring our policemen closer to the people.

It’s a move in the right direction.