Barrio Goddard Barrio, a Grade 11 student at PCHS, answers his CVIF DLP Learning Activity Sheet

Educators, learners flourish from PLDT, Smart-backed Learning Program

April 15, 2024 People's Tonight 118 views
Christian Joy Nuyad, a Grade 10 teacher at PCHS, has been implementing the CVIF DLP in the past eight years

THE Central Visayan Institute Foundation Dynamic Learning Program (CVIF DLP) motivates students to become independent learners. Developed by Dr. Christopher Bernido and his wife, the late Dr. Maria Victoria Bernido, and supported by PLDT and Smart, the crisis-resilient teaching strategy had been the lifeline for both students and teachers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“A key component of the CVIF DLP is the Learning Activity Sheet (LAS) which simplifies complex concepts into manageable bits. Students are required to copy the CVIF DLP LAS to help them understand the lessons better. This is aligned with the Department of Education’s ‘MATATAG’ agenda in improving the country’s basic education,” said Stephanie Orlino, AVP and Head of Stakeholder Management at PLDT and Smart.

Goddard Barrio, a Grade 11 student at Pangantucan Community High School (PCHS) in the province of Bukidnon, said the CVIF DLP eases the pressure of having to master advance lessons right away, “Writing really helps in information retention. And because there’s only one topic per page, it’s easier to progress through the course because you are not pressured to learn everything all at once. ”

Barrio also appreciated the self-paced cadence of the learning pedagogy. “To use my time efficiently, I make it a point to read and understand what I write so there would be no need for going over my notes when answering the assessment portion of the CVIF DLP LAS,” he added.

The CVIF DLP is also a boon for educators according to Christian Joy Nuyad, a Grade 10 teacher at PCHS which has been implementing the CVIF DLP the past eight years. “Because the CVIF DLP is student-focused, it allows teachers to handle multiple classes,” she said.

With fast learners requiring little intervention, Nuyad said teachers have more time to focus on non-performing students who need guidance and supervision.

“CVIF DLP really develops independent learners who are resilient and ready to face the volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity of the world outside the classroom. It also teaches patience and the realization that success is accomplished through hardwork and practice,” added Nuyad.

The CVIF DLP highlights PLDT and Smart’s commitment to inclusive and equitable quality education through Information and Communications Technology, content, pedagogy, and capacity building to ensure that there is #NoLearnerLeftBehind. This initiative is also aligned with the UNSDG 4 on ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education for all.