‘Clearest Photo Ever’ of a Huge UFO, Advanced Military Tech, Or Just A Rock In Water?

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A team of British UFO researchers has released the “clearest UFO photograph ever”. However, sceptics say it’s a triangular rock reflected in water.

For many, this photograph is the smoking-gun of alien visitation and for others it reveals an advanced U.S. spy plane. However, for sceptics, it’s a diamond-shaped rock being reflected in water.


The original Calvine photograph now released to the public, showing the ‘apparently’ diamond-shaped object. (Reproduced with permission of Sheffield Hallam University/Craig Lindsay).

Traditionally, Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs) are presented in out-of-focus photographs and shaky videos taken at night. Sceptics say they “have to be blurry” otherwise they would be revealed as birds, balloons, drones and distant aircraft.

Last Friday, however, a UK professor and a team of British UFO investigators released what they are calling the “’Best’ UFO Picture Ever”. And it’s causing something of a stir. Not because it is definitive proof of extra-terrestrials, but because many believe the huge diamond shape might be advanced American technology being tested in Scotland.

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Until the release of the new Calvine photograph, the UFO community had only this crude line-drawing reproduction of one of the six images, which was created by the British air-force for imagery analysis. (Crown Copyright).


After Ten Minutes “It Shot Straight Up Into The Air”

Back in August 1990, about 35 miles northwest of Perth in the Highlands of Scotland, at around 9pm at night, two walkers took 6 photographs of what appears to be a huge diamond-shaped UFO “hovering” in the sky. A supposed military aircraft is seen beside the object. The two-witnesses estimated the “craft” was around 30 meters (100 feet) in length and they said it “shot straight up into the air” and vanished.

Dr David Clarke is an associate professor at Sheffield Hallam University in England who formerly worked at Britain’s National Archives. Clarke, who is now a bona fide investigative-journalist, spent several years researching the story and he eventually found former Royal Air Force (RAF) press officer, Craig Lindsay, who had a photocopy of one of the 6 photographs. David Clarke is also a member of the UAP Media UK , the team of UFO/UAP researchers who released the Calvine photograph. Just in case you don’t already know, of late, the popular term UFO has been challenged by the more scientific and less ‘green’ term, unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP).

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Large triangular UFOs/UAP were recorded in the 1561 AD celestial event over Nuremberg. Believers of extraterrestrial visitors say the image depicts an aerial UFO battle and sceptics lean towards the sun dog phenomenon. ( Public Domain )

For any readers already leaning towards the image being a modern CGI fake, you should know that Andrew Russell, a Senior Lecturer in Photography at Sheffield Hallam University has confirmed its age and authenticity.

The Advanced American Tech Angle

When the six photos were taken back in 1990 they were given to Scotland’s Daily Record newspaper and also to the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Until now, none of the six images have ever been seen by the public. Currently, the most popular skeptical opinion on #UFOTwitter is that the object is a triangular rock in a lake or pond being reflected to form the ‘apparent’ diamond shape. And the “military aircraft” is either a boat sailing around an island or an actual plane in the sky, also being reflected in the water.

In an effort to contextualize the photograph I asked Vinnie Adams from UAP Media UK if “any other such craft were reported in the UK around this time.” Vinnie said:

“While the Calvin image represents the only photograph, other reports of advanced American technology in the UK exist around that time “.

Calvine Was One Part Of A Greater UFO Flap

The Calvine event occurred in August, 1990. Only two and a half years later, on 13th December 1992, the Scottish Herald announced that a “huge UFO scudded through the sky at supersonic speed over Sullom Voe oil terminal in Shetland, glowing white, red and orange.” One of the 19 eyewitnesses, Mr John Winchester, the Coastguard officer at Sullom Voe said “it was moving faster than a jet fighter aircraft but slower than a shooting star”.


Sullom Voe oil terminal in Shetland, the site of the 1990 UFO sighting. (Mike Pennington / Sullom Voe Terminal / CC BY-SA 2.0 )

Lerwick Observatory was “unaware of any natural phenomena such as ball lightning” and Britain’s most northerly air defense radar station reported that “nothing unusual had been spotted on radar”. Furthermore, air traffic controllers told coastguards there was “no military or civilian aircraft in the area at the time of the sightings.”

Back To The Advanced American Tech Angle

Researching deeper into the Shetland UFO sighting I entered the CIAs reading room database and discovered a fascinating document dated 14 December 1992, which was only 2 days after the incident in Shetland. The CIA recorded a London journalist, Simon Tisdal’s, report on the 19 eyewitness accounts: “The large white fast-moving UFO took off at 5,500 MPH” said one Shetlander.

Furthermore, Tisdal reported that this UFO event “coincided with reports of an ultra-top-secret American plane with a top speed of 5,500 MPH (Mach 8 or eight times the speed of sound)”.


CIA document about the Shetland UFO. ( CIA)

Tisdal wrote, and the CIA recorded, that the UFO was a replacement for the Lockheed “SR-71 spy plane,” better known as the “ Blackbird,” and that the new craft could “get to the other side of the globe in 3 hours.” By the time the craft had warmed up in the US “it could be over Scotland, taking three countries to come to a stop” and this great speed is why “testing could not be restricted to US Airspace,” according to Tisdal in the CIA report.