Area-51 Whistleblower Bob Lazar Story Has Credible Experts To Confirm His Work

October 13, 2022 People's Tonight 17170 views

By Vicky Verma 

Bob Lazar is the most important entity in exposing the alleged secret activities related to extraterrestrial and UFOs happening at Area-51. He is widely recognized as the Area-51 whistle-blower who revealed aliens and the government work together in secret bases in 1989. Thirty years ago, he claimed to have worked as an engineer near Area-51 at a hangar called S-4. There, as he claims, UFOs with tiny alien seats were made out of a material called Element 115.

But there is more to the story. Medium user SignalsIntelUFO has done great work by transcribing over 50 interviews of Bob Lazar with in-depth information. Bob claimed to have been hired as a physicist at Los Alamos in May 1982. For the evidence about his employment, there is an article written by Terry England on June 30, 1982. “To Lazar, a physicist at the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility, the important thing is the jet engine. It’s something he’s been working on for years,” England wrote.

Bob1Terry England article on Bob Lazar

In July 2020, during Joe Rogan’s podcast with Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp, Corbell said he asked Terry England about Bob Lazar’s occupation as a physicist at Los Alamos.

Corbell said: “Look, here’s the point, you said Bob Lazar was a physicist at Los Alamos. So how did you base that? You’re writing a paper…” and he[England] goes “yeah,” — and it got picked up by AP news — he goes “if I[England] had misrepresented that he was a physicist at Los Alamos I would have been blackballed by everybody at Los Alamos. They take that very seriously. He was a physicist. I reported it. AP News picked it up, they repeated it. Not word one from anybody saying he wasn’t a physicist at Los Alamos.”

In addition to England’s recollection that he did not try to verify Bob Lazar’s role at Los Alamos, Lazar himself gave an interview on the radio show The Billy Goodman Happening on December 20th, 1989, where he gives more details about the timeline and nature of his role at Los Alamos:

“I have two masters degrees; one’s in physics; one’s in electronics. I wrote my thesis on MHD, which is magnetohydrodynamics. I worked at Los Alamos for a few years as a technician and then as a physicist in the Polarized Proton Section, dealing with the accelerator there.”

In this interview — a month after Knapp‘s first report identifying him — Bob claims that he was hired as a technician and remained in that role “for a few years” before becoming a physicist.

However, Bob confirms in the Los Alamos Monitor article that he had only just moved to Los Alamos the month before. Separately, Los Alamos has verified that he began work at the lab on May 18th, 1982.

If he had only begun work at the lab a little more than a month before his interview with Terry England for the Monitor article and was a technician at the lab “for a few years,” he could not have been a physicist at the time the Los Alamos Monitor article was published.

George Knapp claimed that he had spoken with former employees who worked with Bob and verified that he was a physicist, however, these claims were made informally and off the record. Knapp said that those employees were friends of Lazar’s and only specifically named Joe Vaninetti as being one who confirmed it. Vaninetti had a signficiant interest in UFOs and was involved in UFO research with Bob, both before and after Bob claimed to have worked at S4.

There are two former lab employees who worked directly with Bob. The first is a physicist whose name is John Jarmer, and the second one, according to SignalsIntelUFO, had an administrative role but remained to be unidentified.

JohnJohn Jarmer, Bob Lazar, and Joe Vaninetti’s Lab Directory Entries.

Jarmer worked at the lab for over two decades in the Polarized Proton section. Besides, Joe Vaninetti who worked alongside Bob is listed as an author on multiple original research papers
with John Jarmer.

Los Alamos Physicist Earl Hoffman had this to say when asked about his memory of Bob Lazar:

“My recollection is he was a technician, which would not be a physicist. I’m sure he wasn’t a physicist because if he was, I would have known him well because I was [a physicist]. And let me back up just a little bit. He was at [unintelligible] we called it, that was the accelerator — when I knew about him. And he was off in an adjacent building, which is a little bit separated from the others. I knew he was over there because of his weird name, because when he fired that car up you could hear it all over town — and that’s miles. And I think, I think I never met him. I would put quite a bit of money on whether he was a physicist or not, and I would say no. I think he was a technician of some sort, but I couldn’t even tell you what kind of a technician.”

Bob2This image features Bob Lazar and the Aerogel that was used to package the ELEMENT 115 for transport. There has been a lot of confusion about this – and about the function of ELEMENT 115 in alien spacecraft. And this is a core aspect of what Bob Lazar has told you. Image credit: Jeremy Corbell

In 2019, Jeremy Corbell released an interview with Dr. Robert Krangle, an MIT-educated scientist who has consulted for Los Alamos National Laboratory at various times since 1980. In the interview, Krangle discussed his first interaction with Bob Lazar.

Krangle said: ” Well it wasn’t much of an interaction, it was one of these things like security meetings. You have to go to that once every week or couple weeks and they give you the usual briefing about “don’t talk about what you’re doing, don’t talk about what you see.”

So, Lazar, if you’ve see him — he kind of stands out. Frankly I think he looks like Hawkins, he has that same British norman facial structure. We didn’t work together. But cafeteria kind of things, you’d pass him. In some of the Commander’s call meetings, you’d pass him. We didn’t work together.”

“He hasn’t varied his story. He might have changed the way he says things, in terms of the words he chooses, but the actual story is exactly the same as he was telling a long time ago,” Joe Rogan noted.