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16 People Reveal Their Most Terrifying Stories That No One Seems To Believe

April 21, 2023 People's Tonight 273 views

M. Garcia

Life can sometimes be just as scary as any horror movie. Here are the most bone-chilling stories that people swear are actually true despite no one believing them. Vote up the creepiest, most unexplainable stories!

Some posts have been edited for length and clarity. All posts come courtesy of this AskReddit.


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While On An Early Morning Hike

From Redditor u/Sol_bear:

I was out for a walk early one morning in a forest preserve, that’s usually pretty empty. I start coming around a corner and I can see a car that’s parked in the grass just outside of a parking lot. I think it’s strange, but keep on walking.

I’m probably like 50 feet from the car now and suddenly the trunk pops open, the car alarm starts going off and the driver side door opens.

I’m coming from the passenger side and can’t see the driver but I get a bad feeling about the situation.

I still keep walking on the path and come around where I can see the drivers side of the car. A guy is sitting in the cars driver seat and starts to wave me over to him, he throws up his hands and says “I’m not sure what’s going on could you come help me.” I tell him nah he’s on his own, without breaking my stride and keep moving.

He throws his hands up again and turns off the car alarm gets out and shuts the trunk then gets in and drives away. I’m creeped out so once he’s outta sight I double back and walk the opposite way just to be safe. I walk back probably like the 30 mins it takes to get to the lot where I parked my car.

When I’m getting close I hear that car alarm going off again. I’m freaking out now but didn’t want to walk back into the woods again so I keep going to the parking lot. When I get there that same car is parked with its trunk open, car alarm going off and drivers door open. The guy is already talking to someone else in the parking lot, he sees me come into the lot looks at me for a minute then shuts off the car alarm closes the trunk and drives away again.

I just booked it to my car and called the park rangers but they didn’t believe anything was weird about it…

What do you think?

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Casually Left Home Alone

From Redditor u/thedankbank1021:

When I was a child, I was running around the house. I think I was home alone, my mom had run next door to the neighbor. My dad was at work. I heard the door open and close. “Mom?” No answer. I heard footsteps downstairs that were too heavy for my mom. I freaked out and decided I needed to hide. I was next to the laundry room, so I ran in there, and [covered] myself in a pile of dirty clothes.

The footsteps came up the stairs. I heard the footsteps go down the hallway to my sisters bedroom, then mine, then my parents room. Then the steps came to the laundry room. I heard heavy breathing. They stood there. It felt like forever. Then they left. I heard the front door open and close again. But I was paralyzed in fear. I stayed there, under the dirty clothes, until my mother came home and called my name.

She thought it was all in my head when I told her what happened.

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Running In The Rain

From Redditor u/AnalyzeThis5000:

When I was in college (in a not-great area) I lived in a building where you had to briefly go outside after parking in the garage to access the locked door to the stairwell. There were two stairwells, one on either side of the (quite long) garage. The garage had one metal mesh door that lifted so you could drive in, but it was totally see-through.

One night I’m getting home late and grabbing all my cr*p from my car after parking, and then turn to see this massive dude (like 6’6”, 6’7” range) in a hat and trench coat, standing right up against the mesh garage door in the dead center and staring straight at me. I’m in the garage; he is outside, but he is directly in the path to the locked stairwell.

I don’t want to show fear, so I take my time assembling all my stuff and several minutes later turn around and he has not moved, still silently staring. I walk over to the bank of mailboxes, which is out of his line of sight, to form a plan. I wait another few minutes and can hear him breathing. Then I got my key ready and took off running to the other end of the garage to get to the locked stairwell on that side.

Dear Reader, I just about sh*t myself when I heard heavy footsteps come pounding around the side of the building to the stairwell I was aiming for. Thank heavens I was able to unlock the door quickly, bust in and slam it behind me.

Never saw him again, but it was clear he figured out my plan and knew where the other stairwell was. I still get chills to this day when I think about what could have happened.

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Smile And Say, ‘Cheese!’

From Redditor u/Guyute122898:

Went camping by myself over the weekend in the woods in New Mexico. Skinwalker territory. Everything went fine.

Got back home and started looking through the digital pictures on the camera I took with me. Shots of all the forest and whatnot. Right smack in the middle of my picture collection were about 30 or 40 pictures of me sleeping.

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Playing With Imaginary Friends

From Redditor u/RTR7105:

My niece is three. About 18 months before she was born my sister and brother in law lost their first pregnancy. They were far enough along to have a name picked out and know it was a boy. They’ve never told my niece any of these details

Her imaginary friend is a boy by that same name.

From Redditor u/Hot-Can-2505:

My daughters imaginary friend was Lisa, my wife’s mothers name…

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Someone’s In The Nursery

From Redditor u/prince_of_cannock:

I don’t remember this but it involves me.

I would’ve been maybe a year old. I was asleep in the nursery and my parents were awake in bed, talking before going to sleep. When all of a sudden they heard an adult voice loudly go “Sssshhh!” from the nursery. The both bolted up out of bed and rushed into the nursery to find me awake, but thankfully alone.

They never told anyone because who would believe it?…

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Waking Up To A Terrifying Surprise

From Redditor u/ebonwulf60:

I was sleeping next to my husband when I awoke in the middle of the night to the smell of cigarette smoke. Neither of us smoked. I stayed still and glanced around the dark bedroom and saw the glowing tip of a cigarette light up a sillouette of a man standing in our bedroom. Just standing there, watching us sleep, smoking his cigarette.

I was spooning my husband at the time so I whispered “There is someone in the room with us.” He jumped out of bed […] and chased this guy back out through the window he came in through and halfway down the block before losing him.

[BTK] was still active in our town at the time and we wondered if that was possibly an encounter with him.

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A Tap On The Window

From Redditor u/DeathbedConfessional:

When I was maybe 6-7 we were visiting family in New Orleans. I was sleeping in a strange room, strange bed, so I was having trouble getting to sleep.

I heard a tapping on the window, softly. Tap-tap-tap pause tap-tap-tap. I looked at the window and I thought I saw something move that looked like a brimmed hat. It was a split level home, so whomever it was would have had to have been tall.

I woke up my parents and they told me the house was old with wooden floors that creak, and I was imagining things so go back to bed.
In the morning, we found the back gate lock was broken.

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This Sleepover Gone Terribly Wrong

From Redditor u/cbrantley:

One night when I was 15 I stayed over at my buddy’s house. His parents were gone and his older brother was looking after us. When we went to bed the house was quiet and dark.

I could barely see his bedroom door open slightly and I assumed it was my buddy’s brother checking in on us but then I realized that this person looking in on us was wearing glasses and my friend’s brother did NOT. There was no one else in the house and I could not figure out who this person was.

I was frozen in fear just staring at this figure looking in on us when my buddy, who was in another bed on the other side of the room, started screaming at the top of his lungs. I had never heard a more terrifying sound and my heart just dropped out of my chest. The person looking at us quickly backed out and the door was closed quietly.

A few seconds later we saw the light come on the hallway and my friends brother flew open the door asking what was wrong. We both started yelling that SOMEONE was just here. The brother grabbed a baseball bat from his room and started searching the house. We checked the front and back doors and the garage but they were all locked. All the windows were closed. He looked in every closet and under the beds.

Needless to say we spent the rest of the night in his room. None of us could sleep so we just stayed up all night talking. It was one of the most terrifying but also best nights of my life.

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Always There, Always Watching

From Redditor u/Somethingclever1313:

In my 20’s I used to see a man. He was always in my peripheral and never in direct line of sight. I’d see him at work or at the store while buying groceries, always public places. Every time I’d try to look at him he’d disappear.

This went on for many years to the point where I just ignored him being there. I never felt like he was bad/evil. He’d just stand there looking at me. Finally one day I was at home getting something out of my car and I caught a glimpse of him standing in the street I front of my house.

I kept him in my peripheral and I remember saying “I don’t know what you want, but you’re not welcome here”. He was gone and I’ve only seen him maybe twice since.

I’m 43 now and this freaks me out typing this.

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Moving Into The Garage

From Redditor u/Undercover_hater123:

As a kid my parents converted half of our garage into a room for me so I can be separated and not share a room. But right as I moved in there would [hear] these fast crawling noises that would run along all through my walls. It would keep me up for hours through the night. It would be loud scratching noises and fast running throughout every wall in the room.

I told my parents and they had an exterminator come to see if there were any animals that got in some how. The guy said there was absolutely nothing. No signs of anything that could be making this noise.

My parents […] said I wasted their time. The night the exterminator came I woke up to a loud bang on my wall. When I woke up there was something in the corner of my room watching me. I went under the covers and tried not to acknowledge it till I passed out.

Didn’t even bother telling my parents about that…

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Lurking In The Fog

From Redditor u/Jinxed08_:

Was driving around on a foggy late night and saw someone riding a white horse in a old red military uniform. Did a u turn and couldn’t find the rider.

From Redditor u/FilthyMublood:

More likely would be a Red-Coat from the Revolutionary War if it was in the U.S.

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Just Out For A Drive

From Redditor u/evilbrain18:

I drove an old SUV back in college. After school, I drove home which is about a 30-minute drive. I was getting dressed at home when the car alarm went off, so I rushed out and discovered the car door open with the radio head unit and all speakers gone. I was thinking this guy works fast.

Reported it to the police and after a couple of weeks they found the [culprit] and asked me to go to the police station.

At the Police station I was asked a few questions and the officer told me I had to hear something from .

When I confronted [the culprit] he told me that he was able to get into my car at the carpark near my school and I unexpectedly arrived so he dove and lied flat in the third row. So I was driving home with an unknown passenger all the time.

When I arrived home and locked the car that was the time he removed the items and when he opened the door that’s when the alarm triggered.

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Sensing A Weird Energy

From Redditor u/Remote_Syllabub_7810:

I used to work at a store that sold clocks.

One day a woman came in to return a clock that she’d bought. I asked what was wrong with it, and she said, “You’re not going to believe me, but it runs backwards.”

“Let me see,” I said, and put some fresh batteries in it. Sure as h*ll, the thing ran backwards. I gave her a refund and she was very thankful.

She turned to leave and the second she left the store, the clock started running normally.

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Playing With A Furby

From Redditor u/sickbubble-gum:

I had a furby when the craze was happening and you could teach it to say a lot of things or play games. I was playing “peekaboo” with it, all it did was close it’s eyes and then say peekaboo when it opened them a few seconds later.

It started to say something but it made a distorted sound like the battery was dying. You know when an electronic is on fire in the movies and the audio sounds all messed up, kinda like that. It closed its eyes and then no response. For like 5 mins I messed around with it and just thought hey the battery is dead I guess.

I got up to get my mom and as soon as I touched the door knob the furby laughed and said, “I got you!”

Scared the sh*t out of me. It never did that again either. A lot of creepy sh*t happened in that house I grew up in.

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Peaking From Behind The Door

From Redditor u/cloudsterss25:

I had just turned out the lights to go to bed when my door slowly creaked opened and there was a man with a flashlight, I could only see his silhouette because he was was backlit so I assumed it was one of my roommates’ boyfriend but when I asked what they needed the man slowly closed the door.

I gave it a few seconds and then I got up and knocked on the roommate whose door was closest to me. I asked if her BF had come to my door and she said no. She’s my best friend and would never lie to me like this especially seeing how shaken up I was. Her BF also reassured me it wasn’t him, and honestly he was too short to be the man that had been in my room.

Next, I went to my other roommates door and asked her if it had been her boyfriend but when she opened her door I saw that he was dead asleep.

The five of us searched the apartment but our front and back door were both dead bolted and there was no way someone could have gotten in from a window or anything because we were on the third floor.

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