Yasmine Vargas

Yasmine sa ipinagbubuntis: Fight tayo Baby A!

December 5, 2023 Vinia Vivar 128 views

Malapit nang manganak ang misis ni Alfred Vargas na si Yasmine sa kanilang 4th baby. She’s praying na huwag naman sana siyang mag-premature delivery.

Patuloy pa rin kasi ang premature contractions niya base sa latest update niya sa Instagram.

“Last Halloween I started having lots of regular contractions. Fortunately, my meds were able to stop them. But during my check-up, my cervix shortened to 2cm, the shortest it has ever been.

“Our perinatoligist put me on a more strict form of bed rest and scheduled us for another ultrasound.

“At our following ultrasound my cervix went back to 2.9cm and we were able to relax a little bit,” ang simulang pagbabahagi ng misis ni Alfred.

“As we entered our 8th month, I got regular contractions again, they were 10 minutes apart and Alf rushed me to the hospital.

“We spent a week in the high risk pregnancy unit, hooked to the toco and isoxilan on IV to control the premature contractions. I also got steroids to help baby A’s lungs mature faster in case they couldn’t stop them and started my 3rd course of antibiotics 😞

“In that moment, the only positive thing was that my cervix was closed, sutures were intact and it was 3.1cm.

“The doctors suggested to us to stay in the hospital until I give birth. But for the sake of my mental health, they agreed to let me go home if my oral meds were able to manage the contractions,” patuloy ni Yasmine.

Sa ngayon ay naka-confine na siya ulit sa ospital at mananatili siya rito hanggang sa panganganak niya.

“A week later, here I am again in the HRPU. My cervix is still closed at 2.6cm but baby A is already engaged. I will now be staying in the hospital until I give birth,” she said.

Ayon kay Yasmine, pagod na pagod na siya sa pagpapabalik-balik sa hospital for nine months. Mabuti na nga lang at nandiyan ang mister niyang si Alfred.

“It’s been a long and arduous road. I’ve been on bed rest for almost 30 weeks now. In and out of the hospital. I’m tired, physically, emotionally and mentally.

“Lahat masakit na and I miss Alexandra, Aryana and Cristiano. Buti na lang, Alf is always here for me sa lahat ng pinagdadaanan ko,” sey ni Yasmine.

“Fight tayo baby A! Please bigyan mo pa ako at least 2 weeks pa 🙏🏻,” mensahe ni Yasmine sa kanyang baby.

Matatandaang naging napakaselan ng pagbubuntis ng misis ni Alfred at talaga namang hindi birong paghihirap ang kanyang pinagdaanan base na rin sa mga update na ibinibigay ng mag-asawa from time to time.