Viva ends year with two sexy movies and opens new year with a comedy

December 21, 2023 Mario Bautista 1287 views

Foursome1NEXT week will be Holiday season and people will not be working so Viva, no doubt the busiest film company we have these days, scheduled the presscons of their next three movie releases all in one day, last Thursday, pakyawan style. The three movies are “Foursome”, “Hibang” and “My Zombabe”.

“Foursome” and “Hibang” will be released on streaming via Vivamax as Viva’s yearenders, while “My Zombabe” will be released as Viva’s first offering for the new year 2024 in theaters right after the Metro-Manila Filmfest.

“Foursome” is an erotic drama about two good looking couples who cannot find sexual satisfaction from their respective marriages. The lead character is Gina, played by the alluring Robb Guinto.

She is married to the hunky Mark Dionisio but their relationship in bed has gone stale and he can no longer satisfy her, so they go and consult a doctor who’s supposed to be an expert in solving sexual problems.

The doctor turns out to be Nicco Loco, who is on with Armina Alegre. Nicco is immediately attracted to Robb but she tries to resist him, but then, things get more cozy for the four of them, turning their relationship into a sizzling foursome.

The supporting cast includes Dyesa Garcia, Ada Hermosa, Ardy Raymundo, Ayra Salvador and Jomar Valerio. This is written by Lawrence Nicodemus and the directorial debut of Gavino Roecha. “Foursome” will start streaming on December 22. The poster asks: “Game ka ba sa larong pang-apatan?”

HibangHibang1“Hibang” is the directorial debut of a young female director, Sigrid Polon, ward of cult director Roman Perez Jr. and was his assistant director in such films as “Kaluskos”, “Siklo” and the mini-series “Iskandalo”. Sigrid was also the assistant director of the multi-talented Bobby Bonifacio in “Tahan” and “My Lockdown Romance”.

“Hibang” stars Ali Asistio as Bonjing, the boyfriend of Rica Gonzales as Issa. Because of a stalker, Rica figures in an accident that leaves her suffering from amnesia.

With her memory loss, she becomes attracted to another woman, Sahara Bernales as Mela, breaking Bonjing’s heart as he sees Issa get into a lesbian relationship. “Hibang” will start streaming on December 29.

Zombabe“My Zombabe” is a horror comedy starring Empoy Marquez and Kim Molina in their first team up. Empoy plays Pong and Kim plays Jasmine and they are introduced as “the deadliest love team of the year”.

Empoy finds Kim unconscious on the shore and brings her to his own home. He starts to fall in love with her, but it turns out that she is turning into a zombie after a virus outbreak in their island, so Empoy is said to be “patay na patay sa isang patay”.

Kim is asked: How does it feel doing a movie without her perennial reel and real screen partner, Jerald Napoles? “Okay lang naman for both of us,” she says. “We have to spread our wings. He just did a movie rin naman solo, ‘Instant Daddy’. So now, it’s my turn, ako naman.”

Empoy and Kim are supported by Anjo Yllana, Andrea del Rosario, Shirley Fuentes, Andrew Muhlach, Liz Alindogan, Gary Lim, Billy Villeta, Yanyan de Jesus and Marnie Camua.

This opens in theaters nationwide on January 8, 2024.