Underwater ‘Seaweed Creature’ Grabs Witness’ Calf in Key West, Florida

June 21, 2021 People's Tonight 808 views

Posted: 19 Jun 2021 10:32 AM PDT

Underwater1A Florida man describes an experience he had while in the ocean in Key West. He states that his calf was suddenly grabbed by a hand that tried to drag him into the depths. Strange account.

I recently received the following account:

“I had an experience in Key West at the southernmost point (near the monument). It was just before dusk when the water gets a little darker and the nocturnal ocean creatures come to life. I was approximately twenty yards from the shoreline when I instantly became aware that the beach was nearly empty. I saw a few beach goers and my small group of friends (who had been drying off on the beach for the ride home) packing up to leave.

Suddenly an intense awareness of the vastness of the ocean, came over me, and the realization of how far from shore I had traveled settled on me all at once. The tide had begun to rise almost to my chin when I felt cooler ocean currents caress my body giving me an airy feeling as I quickly scan the waters around me. Terrified, I saw an enormous dark patch of water approaching when I immediately started making my way back to the beach. I intently searched for the dark patch of water until I was able to see that it was seaweed, and somehow it appeared to be following me.

By this time I was in up-to my chest, as the tide began pushing me inward towards the shore. What I assumed to be a cloud of seaweed was now completely surrounding me. Being afraid to yell or panic, I felt a cold hand grab my calve as I called to my 2 friends standing on the beach, still pretty far away. I try to tell them that something was grabbing my leg. They laughed and taunted me saying that I had better swim fast. My heart was beating so fast that I did not want to yell any louder for fear I would be dragged beneath the surf.

As I kept my eye on the beach, I glanced down occasionally to see if I could make out the shape of the creature examining my lower extremities. No luck seeing the color or texture, only the size and feel of its hand and careful grip, which surprisingly loosened as I became tense. I finally made it in to about my waist and began jumping until it let me go. As I get out of the water, I see the big cloud of seaweed quickly move back into deeper water; against the tide, even while driftwood and other particles washed ashore.

Years later I told my twin brother about my experience only to find out on some remote beach in Miami, he had a similar experience. But he actually thought the creature that grabbed his thigh as a dead man with extremely large hands. He talked about he time in the evening when it happened and the seaweed that appeared out f nowhere. I was not expecting him to tell me details that so closely matched my encounter, which was validated by his girlfriend who witnessed the account.

Since then I have taken 3 cruises and every time I stare into the ocean I feel a sensation, and hear what sounds like blue whales calling just loud enough to get my attention. Then a peaceful feeling comes over me that makes me want to jump overboard. I never listened to the subliminal suggestion, but it certainly compels me if I a look down into the depths.”

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