The Increasing Sightings Of UFOs On Live TV Broadcasts

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By Marcus Lowth

What many skeptics will often say about UFOs (or what most perceive them to be) is that if they truly exist why has no one ever captured these mysterious objects on video camera. Particularly in the modern age with most having videocams on their phones, for example.

TV1An image of UFOs with a superimposed picture of a television

The fact is, there have been a plethora of such incidents captured on film in the “modern era”, and literally, thousands more going back to when cameras first began to record their surroundings. A great many of these sightings have occurred during live broadcasts – the events witnessed by thousands as they happen. Perhaps what is more interesting is why these sightings are not given wider circulation and investigation.

The “Upside Down Mountain” sighting in 2014 is just one of these. What is interesting is that parts of the UFO world had descended to the region for a UFO festival. A German television company happened to be filming the menacing mountain when a disc-shaped object appeared to be hovering overhead. Many rumors and legends persist that the mountain is home to an alien base and is a hotspot for UFO activity.

You can view that footage below.

1 Sightings Caught Over British Monuments
2 The 24-Hour Live-cam Weather Reports
3 Multi-Colored Lights and Circles In The Sky
4 Summoning UFOs In Las Vegas?
5 Publicly Broadcast Live Events

Sightings Caught Over British Monuments

Several sightings of UFOs over England have made various live news channels. Two, in particular, would cause considerable debate in the UFO community.

On 5th August 2009, during the BBC morning news, north edition, a strange “streak of white light” went past and under the Millennium Bridge in Newcastle (which the BBC had its live webcam on in the background).

Many viewers quickly placed the footage on social media, leading to a hunt for what exactly the object was. So intense was the interest, that one of the UK’s leading UFO researchers, Nick Pope, was asked to comment on the sighting. Although he stopped short of saying he thought it was an object under intelligent control, he did rule out, in his opinion, that it was a bird after going through the slowed down footage for himself. He would describe it as “an intriguing film and a genuine mystery!”

You can view the footage below.

Four years later in 2013, while broadcasting from a booth over the River Thames, Russia Today viewers were witness to a blurred object streaking past the studio. Much like the aforementioned Newcastle sighting in 2009, the footage immediately appeared online, leading to heated debates as to what it might be.

The absolute speed with which it moved past the window appears to discount in being a bird or a bug, as some would suggest. As would it’s almost perfectly straight trajectory. You can see that footage below.

The 24-Hour Live-cam Weather Reports

Perhaps not surprisingly, many weather reports, particularly in the modern age with the use of 24-hour live-cams, capture anomalies in the skies around the globe. Many networks around the world use their local live-cams as the backdrop for their weather reports. This was certainly the case with the Cincinnati Morning Weather Report on 16th June 2011.

As the broadcast went ahead as normal, a strange “red sphere” was clearly visible over the city. Many skeptics immediately claimed the object to be Venus in the last stages of its visibility before the next evening. However, its red glow and the erratic way it moved suggested this was not the case. The footage of the broadcast is below.

Just over two years later, in Lincoln, Nebraska, on 4th September 2013 came another intriguing sighting. As Sean McMullen – an experienced meteorologist – did his usual morning segment for KLKN, a triangular object came into view. Even McMullen was in as much shock as his viewers, claiming on air repeatedly, “I have never seen anything like this before!”

The station would forward their footage to MUFON, who would describe it as “curious!” Although it wasn’t widespread knowledge at the time, MUFON was already investigating a similar sighting of a triangular object earlier that morning in nearby Missouri. It isn’t that much of a stretch to imagine they are of the same craft.

You can view a report on the sighting below.

Multi-Colored Lights and Circles In The Sky

TV Gazeta from Brazil would capture a strange sighting on live television in February 2009. The object glowed brightly and would change colors several times. As well as thousands watching at home, and the hundreds of thousands who would view it online, twenty-five people would see the object close-up at the scene.

The whole episode played out over the course of two hours before the UFO disappeared, serenely into the night. The short video below features a report and footage of the incident.

On 11th August 2014, the skies over Houston, Texas were host to a bizarre “circle of lights!” Many people captured video footage of the encounter, including several local news stations. The lights would move independently to each other, before settling back into formation.

Those that witnessed the lights first-hand, according to the snippets of quotes given to local media had a variety of opinions as to what they were. These ranged from the encounter to be “extra-terrestrial” in nature to secret government drone tests.

Dr. Carolyn Sumners, who serves as the Vice President of Astronomy at the Houston Museum of National Science, would state before declaring the sightings to be aliens, however, every other explanation would have to be ruled out. The incident is still unexplained.

You can view the footage of the encounter below.

Summoning UFOs In Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a city where some people suggest “anything goes!” So perhaps it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise then that as opposed to mere UFO sightings (of which there are many), Vegas boasts a person who claims to be able to summon down these objects [1] as he pleases.

Ramon Watkins, known as Prophet Yahweh, responded to a challenge by local Las Vegas station KTNV who asked that he summon a UFO on live television in 2005. Although he appeared to back-track a little by saying he couldn’t “summon them” at will and was instead told “by voices” when and where they would arrive, his appearance did result in the live broadcast of unexplained objects over Vegas.

The station followed Watkins to Lake Meade where the objects were to appear. Much to the shock of the news crew, and the many watching at home, two bright spheres were clearly visible in the sky.

Many people would record the event, and it would appear the decision as to Watkins’ authenticity is split. You can view the footage below.

Publicly Broadcast Live Events

Of course, when there are events with hundreds, often thousands in attendance at once, any sighting that might occur would be witnessed by most of those present. We have written before, for example, of the football game in Florence in 1954 at the Stadio Artemio Franchi. Ten-thousand people who were in attendance saw the aerial phenomenon, and the players themselves stopped in mid-play as a strange hush came over the stadium.

Several other such sightings in more recent times have also taken place. Furthermore, footage exists of these modern incidents.

In 2013 in Vancouver, Canada, a strange object appeared over a baseball game. The sighting occurred over Scotiabank Field at Nat Bailey Stadium during a contest between the Vancouver Canadians and the Everett Aquasox. Hundreds of people were in attendance, and several filmed the footage on their phones which ultimately found their way to social media.

Although there was considerable speculation that the object was nothing more than a drone, no official explanation was offered. You can view one of the video clips of this sighting below.

A little-known UFO appearance during a prime-time broadcast of an NFL football game in 1979 was witnessed by hundreds of thousands of people watching on TV. The contest featured the league’s top two teams at the time, the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers. The commentators, Pat Summerall and Tom Brookshier, each spoke openly on air, obviously as miffed as everyone else as to what these strange objects were.

The sighting comes up every now and then in UFO groups. However, at the time and to the larger public, it disappeared without debate shortly after. You can check out the footage in the clip below.


↑1 ‘Prophet’ summons UFO for camera, WND

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