Sen. Tolentino thanks PBBM for commitment to nuke energy dev’t

April 14, 2024 People's Tonight 68 views

SENATOR Francis “Tol” Tolentino is asking President Marcos to certify as urgent measure on nuclear damage compensation and nuclear power regulation.

Tolentino made the appeal Saturday, April 13, after it was reported that Marcos met with key executives of the Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation (USNC) on the sidelines of the United States (US)-Japan-Philippines trilateral summit in Washington, DC.

“I thank President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. for hailing the Washington-based [USNC]’s commitment to the planned nuclear energy investment,” the senator said in a statement.

“With PBBM’s (President Bongbong Marcos) commitment to pursuing a reliable and clean energy source for the Philippines with USNC, I am requesting His Excellency to certify as urgent the Senate Bill (SB) No. 2545 or An Act Governing Civil Liabilities and Compensation Claims for Nuclear Damage, repealing certain sections of the Atomic Energy Regulatory and Liability Act of 1968 that I filed on February 13,” he said.

“Likewise, I also urge PBBM to certify as urgent [SB No.] 1194, which provides a comprehensive nuclear regulatory framework, which I filed on August 16, 2022,” added Tolentino.

He said that the two Senate bills lay down the foundation for safe nuclear energy development.

“With this development, I am as delighted as PBBM that the long-term solution to our energy requirement will be fulfilled and ensure greater energy security, reduced reliance on fossil fuels, and greater economic progress,” Tolentino said.

Marcos’ meeting with the American nuclear power proponents is seen to expedite his administration’s apparent goal of putting up a nuclear power plant that in theory would produce cheaper electricity for Filipinos.

On Nov. 22, 2023, the House of Representatives approved House Bill (HB) No. 9293, or the “Philippine National Nuclear Energy Safety Act.” Last March 4, the House also approved HB No.9876 or the “Philippine Nuclear Liability Act.”

The Philippines has built a nuclear power plant before–the Bataan Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP).