June 8, 2023 People's Journal 250 views

SC denies new order on Taguig territorial dispute

SUPREME Court spokesman Brian Keith Hosaka denied that the Supreme Court has issued an order setting the oral argument for the territorial dispute between Taguig and Makati City.

The high tribunal has already ruled that the disputed 729-hectare Fort Bonifacio Military Reservation where the Bonifacio Global City is located and some other barangays in Makati City are under the legal jurisdiction of Taguig City

According to Hosaka, he was not aware of the order about the alleged setting of oral arguments.

“I have no information about this,” Hosaka said in a text message he sent to journalists.

Hosaka said if the Supreme Court has indeed issued such an order, it will be published on the website and social media account of the high court.

“The SC-PIO (Public Information Office) will immediately post any notices in the SC website and official Twitter account should we receive any,” Hosaka added.

Hosaka made the statement following Makati City Mayor Abby Binay’s pronouncement that the Makati City Legal Office has received a document saying that the the high court is set to conduct oral arguments on the territorial dispute

However, when asked when would the oral arguments be held, the mayor replied, she did not know yet.

Meanwhile, Taguig City’s camp said they have not received a notice or any document about the setting of oral arguments.

The Supreme Court in April dismissed Makati City’s Omnibus Motion for the case to be elevated to the SC En Banc and to have an oral argument.

Hosaka earlier explained that the high tribunal’s decision on the case is already final.

“The SC has shut down all efforts of Makati City to revive the land dispute as the resolution ordered it to no longer entertain pleadings, letters, motion or any other communication regarding the case. The ruling also enjoined Makati from exercising jurisdiction over, making improvements on or treating as part of its territory the area comprising Fort Bonifacio,” Hosaka said.

It added that there is already an Entry of Judgment in the case which means that the decision is indeed final and executory.

In resolving the territorial dispute, the magistrates gave more credence and weight to the evidence and arguments presented by Taguig.

“Considering the historical evidence adduced, cadastral surveys submitted and the contemporaneous acts of lawful authorities. We find that Taguig presented evidence that is more convincing and worthier than those proffered by Makati,” according to the decision.