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Maynilad rebates lifeline customers in the south

April 29, 2023 People's Tonight 211 views

AROUND 167,500 Maynilad “lifeline” accounts in the southern part of the West Concession, who were severely affected by water service interruptions owing to the reduced production of the Putatan Water Treatment Plants, will receive a rebate in their May 2023 water bill.

“Lifeline” customers are those who consume less than ten (10) cubic meters (cu.m.) per month.

The rebate will be equivalent to the cost of the unused portion of the lifeline customers’ 10-cu.m. minimum consumption for the month of March 2023. This means that if these customers only consumed one (1) cu.m. in March but had to pay the P136.00 minimum charge for ten cu.m., they will be entitled to a rebate of nine (9) cu.m., or P121.98. Hence, the rebate amount will vary, depending on the customers’ actual March 2023 consumption below ten cu.m.

Eligible for this rebate is more than 167,500 Maynilad “lifeline” accounts located in Pasay, parts of Makati, Parañaque, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas, and Cavite.

Maynilad is giving the rebate in consideration of lifeline customers who were constrained to pay a minimum charge though they were not able to consume a full ten cu.m. given the service interruptions affecting their area. The total rebate to be given amounts to P10.81 million.

The Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System-Regulatory Office (MWSS RO) supports the rebate program of Maynilad.