“Philippines’ Best District Representatives- RPMD

April 30, 2023 People's Tonight 574 views

THE RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. (RPMD) undertook a thorough job performance review of District Representatives across the Philippines, resulting in a nationwide rating of the most extraordinary members. RPMD has effectively selected the country’s top-performing district representatives.

The assessment of job performance for district representatives serves as a vital cog in the machinery of good governance in the Philippines.

This evaluation process fosters transparency and accountability, inspiring innovation and excellence among elected officials. The performance assessment consists of three pivotal parameters: district representation, legislative performance, and constituent service. These elements weave a rich tapestry of a district representative’s impact on their constituents, the legislative landscape, and the nation’s progress, Dr. Paul Martinez of RPMD.

The independent and non-commissioned “Boses ng Bayan” nationwide survey has unveiled the top-performing district Representatives in the Philippines. Sandro Marcos (95.8%), Kristine Singson (95.6%), Duke Frasco (95.6%), Pablo John Garcia (95.2%), and Chiquiting Sagarbarria (95.1%) are jointly positioned at the pinnacle as the best-performing district representatives in the Philippines. The survey considered the representatives’ contributions to their respective districts and underscored their outstanding performance.

The ranking is based on a scoring system that evaluates the representatives’ district representation, legislative performance, and constituent service. The report identifies Toby Tiangco (92.5%), Camille Villar (92.3%), Oca Malapitan (92.1%), Jolo Revilla (91.7%), Ralph Recto (91.2%), Gerryboy Espina (90.3%), Joey Salceda (90.3%), Edcel Lagman (89.5%), Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (89.2%), Lorenz Defensor (88.9%), Emeng Pascual (88.6%), Jay Khonghun (88.5%), Jam Baronda (88.5%), Lordan Suan (88.4%), Rufus Rodriguez (88.3%), Rida Robes (88.2%), Kiko Benitez (88.2%), Ando Oaminal (88.1%), Midy Cua (87.6%), Lord Allan Velasco (86.9%), Adrian Amatong (86.1%), Divina Grace Yu (85.9%), Mannix Dalipe (85.7%), Eric Yap (84.2%), Pulong Duterte (81.3%), Ma. Carmen Zamora (80.5%), Romeo Momo Sr (78.8%)., Robert Ace Barbers (78.3%), Bai Matsura (70.2%), Mujiv Hataman (70.0%), Joel Sacdalan (69.3%), and Toto Suansing (68.5%) as the top-performing district representatives in the Philippines.

District representation, legislative performance, and constituent service were evaluated to determine each representative’s overall performance. District Representation focuses on the representative’s ability to effectively communicate and advocate for their constituents’ needs at the national level. Legislative Performance examines their commitment to crafting impactful legislation by considering the quantity and quality of bills introduced, participation in deliberations, and success in guiding legislation. Lastly, Constituent Service evaluates their responsiveness, resourcefulness, and dedication in addressing the needs of their communities through approachability, efficiency in addressing concerns, and involvement in local development initiatives.

The assessment of the job performance of district representatives in the Philippines is a cornerstone of good governance and democratic accountability. It empowers citizens to make informed electoral choices and inspires high standards of public service. By scrutinizing the intricate interplay of district representation, legislative performance, and constituent service, this evaluation process guarantees that the voices and dreams of the Filipino people are heard, acknowledged, and translated into transformative action.

To be recognized as the preeminent district representative in the Philippines, an individual must attain the highest ranking in their respective region. Achieving the number one position in each region enables an individual to be evaluated on a national level, ultimately leading to identification as one of the top-performing representatives in the country.

The “House of Representatives Public Satisfaction” survey was part of the national poll “RPMD’s Boses ng Bayan” conducted by RP-Mission and Development Foundation Inc. The survey was performed per district in every region, with a total of 10,000 respondents who were registered voters. The sampling margin of error is ±1 percent with a 95% confidence level.