Joko in a surprising role

July 31, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 357 views

FORMER action star Joko Diaz makes a surprising film role in ‘Manyak’ which streams on Vivamax starting August 4.

Award-winning director Carlo Alvarez, whose previous crime thrillers “Sabado” and “Tres” have won international awards, creates another compelling story revolving around these three subjects.

In “Manyak”, Christine Bermas plays Desire. She receives a phone call from her sister Myla (Sheree Bautista), asking her to stay at their house while she and her son go on vacation. Myla’s husband, Ken (Joko Diaz), is also off to Cebu. There have been reports of burglary in their area, so Myla’s asking for Desire’s help.

Adam (Nico Locco), Desire’s boyfriend, sees this as an opportunity for them to spend more time together. After two days, Adam has to leave for work, leaving Desire all alone. She feels that she is being watched by someone, and true enough, somebody in ski mask sneaked inside the house. But the man is not after any valuables. It’s Desire that he desires. And he rapes her. But somehow, Desire ends up unsure if the crime really happened or it was just a terrible nightmare.

Christine Bermas is one of Vivamax’s most bankable stars. Her filmography includes “Island of Desire”, “Scorpio Nights 3”, “Nightbird”, and “Hilom”.

“Manyak” is a reunion project between Carlo Alvarez and Italian-Canadian Nico Locco after their acclaimed 2019 movie, “Sabado”.

Welcome back, Bo. Jun

FOR almost a year the voice of veteran radio man Bro. Jun Banaag hasn’t been heard. His followers missed his advices. It is with a heavy heart that he said goodbye to ABS-CBN which he served for more than four decades.

Now, it’s great news that Bro. Jun is now with Channel 5 in the revival of the controversial show, ‘Face to Face.’ He is in very good company which includes attorney Lorna Kapunan and psychologist Dr. Camille Garcia.

Welcome, bro. Jun to your new home. And welcome back on air.

The Juans sings about carefree days

THE popular group, The Juans is back with ‘Flying Kites,’ their latest single. The pop quartet- Carl Guevarra, Japs Mendoza, Chael Adriano, RJ Cruz- writes a thematic song that reminisces of far simpler times growing up, where carefree days are a plenty and adult worries are far-off. Written by bassist Chael Adriano and produced by singer-guitarist Japs Mendoza, “Flying Kites” sees the whole of The Juans sharing singing duties on this upbeat new song about looking back and aiming high. By REMY UMEREZ