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Intertwining relationships

January 28, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 368 views

‘LA Querida’ is the new offering from Vivamax and megged by GB Sampedro. Is it based on a true story? “Yes, para sa mga tatamaan,” was the brief reply from Direk GB.

This February, Vivamax presents “La Querida”, a film which shows two interweaving love stories: that of Joel and Maria and Leo and Connie.

Arron Villaflor plays Jose Emilio Ong, Joel for short. His mother has arranged for him to marry a girl of Chinese descent (Alona Navarro), but his heart belongs to Maria whom he meets in Luneta.

Angela Morena plays Maria Consuelo Paredes, a very attractive woman. By living in with Joel, she is able to escape from her domineering father.

Joel and Maria have fallen in love fast, but they also fall apart just as quickly. Joel discovers that Maria is already married to her ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Leo and Connie’s love story begins when they are in their early 40s.

Jay Manalo plays Leo, unhappily married to Grace (Yda Manzano), but is a loving and supportive father to their only daughter. Even at his age, he is still being controlled by his mother. He gets into an affair with Connie.

Mercedes Cabral plays Connie, a teacher by profession, but follows no rules when it comes to getting the man she wants. She succeeds in seducing Leo. But something happens that will make her think of letting go.

While Joel and Maria’s love story went from excitement to resentment, and Leo and Connie share a forbidden love, is there really no hope for them at all in this lifetime?

Find out the connection between these characters. “La Querida” is available on Vivamax starting February 10, 2023. Also starring Rey PJ Abellana, Irma Adlawan, Aurora Sevilla, Andrew Muhlach, Josef Elizalde, Jiad Arroyo, and Precious Liango.

The world of drug syndicates pictured in new Vivamax offering

FROM La Querida we shift to the world drug syndicate as pictured in the movie, ‘Boso Dos’.

In the story, a group of secret agents has been observing an apartment turned into a drug den and eyeing a suspected drug trafficker named Badong (Vince Rillon). One of the agents tasked to watch surveillance footage is Mario (Gold Aceron), a young man who enjoys taking photos with his DSLR camera. Mario also finds a thrill in his job and observing the drug syndicates through the footage because it keeps his sexual fantasies satisfied. Mario has a girlfriend named Stephanie (Chloe Jenna) who works in a call center company.

A new recruit also joins the team, a beautiful woman named Ara (Micaella Raz). With her good looks and strong personality, she is fantasized about by almost every agent, including Mario. When an opportunity to infiltrate the drug den comes their way, Ara becomes an asset and is tasked to get close to Badong so they can easily access all the information needed and finally arrest Badong and the other members of his drug syndicate.

As Ara gets deeper into her task, she manipulates Badong, and the young man slowly falls for her. This worries Mario because he has also fallen in love with Ara after he shared intimate and sexual moments with her. Meanwhile, Badong is also being tricked by his very own drug syndicate members because his sidekick Enteng (Alvaro Oteyza) messes around with his girlfriend Georgia (Amor Lapus).

Will Mario and Ara’s team successfully go after the drug syndicates without being busted by Badong? Will Badong ever realize that he has no one to trust?

From Viva Films, be mindful of the things around you, keep your eyes open, and most of all – trust no one. BOSO DOS streams exclusively on Vivamax this February 3, 2023.

Pip, Bobot and Boyet in one concert

IT is common knowledge that Tirso Cruz lll and Edgar Mortiz are good singers during their heydays. Cjhristopher de Leon or Boyet also sings but he prioritize on his acting.

Pip and Bobot branched with other fields related to entertainment. Since the seventies they never perform together and it is only now via ‘some kind Valentine’ concert will their voices blend. It will be held at New Performing Arts on Feb. 3 and 4. A celebration with Lovi Poe as guest. BY REMY UMEREZ.