Ghost Hunters Describe Their Scariest Experiences During An Investigation

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Amanda Ashley

While there will always be a debate on whether or not ghosts exist, some people take it a step further and purposely set out on ghost hunts to collect evidence from the other side. These investigations can range from intuition-based, using gut feelings, Ouija boards, and dowsing rods, to more scientific-based, using EMF readers, voice recorders, and laser grid systems. Over on Reddit, ghost hunters are sharing their scariest experiences that still defy explanation.


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Shadow Figures Peering Through The Woods

From Reddit u/Nefferito:

I was ghost hunting at Kay’s Cross in Utah and one of the experiences there was when we were at the cross and got a really bad feeling, so we decided to leave. As we are leaving, we can hear footsteps behind us and to the sides of us about 15 feet away.

I turn my head while walking, and I can see about a dozen shadow figures in the woods just watching us. One of my friends saw a couple and the other didn’t see anything.

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Investigator Spots Full Body Apparition In Cemetery

From Reddit u/Arius_de_Galdri:

There was a local cemetery that had a decent amount of activity for some reason, and we used it as a place to test new gear and see how potential new members to the group would react to potential phenomena. The interesting thing about this cemetery was that we would get pretty consistent temperature fluctuations, EMF readings, some EVPs, etc., but any time we pulled a camera out, everything just sort of stopped…

We were out at this cemetery one night, just asking questions, checking temps, and the like, when it happened. I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye and glanced over to the old two-track that ran along the back edge of the cemetery, and I saw it: a tall, heavyset man wearing a white shirt and blue overalls, emitting a bluish light as he walked along the two-track.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see a face/head because of a low-hanging pine branch, but I saw enough.

Now, I had experienced things and seen things that were incredible, and I had always just assumed that when/if I saw a full-body-apparition, it would be this amazing, exciting thing, but I was NOT prepared for how my body actually reacted. I felt my legs lose all their strength and almost fell over. My stomach twisted, and I thought I was going to be sick. I bent over, dizzy, my mind and body completely thrown for a loop. I can’t describe the feeling accurately, but when you SEE something that SHOULDN’T EXIST, and it’s RIGHT THERE, there is no way to ever be prepared for it.

The human mind is NEVER READY to experience something like that.

I saw that same apparition one more time in that cemetery, doing the same thing (walking along that back two-track), but it’s been years since I’ve seen it now. I will absolutely never forget it, though.

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Loud Crashing Sounds During Prison Investigation

From Reddit u/RavenousDead:

My team was investigating the Burlington County Prison in NJ. Has a huge painted eye over the door into the cells that says “We are watching you” over it. Has mannequins in cells. Very weird vibe. We are science and IT and photography types. I battle myself and everyone, despite having had paranormal experiences personally, that it is impossible to capture evidence of these events…

Anyway, we spent hours investigating the location and there was nothing… so we decide to pack up… I’m on the first floor with another member. Two members are on the middle floor. And another member is going into the basement to turn on the lights. We collect everything before we turn the lights on. Right as I turn off the last audio recorder, my friend gives the okay to switch on the power. RIGHT as the lights go on, and we no longer have any recording or listening abilities, we hear a massive, earth-shaking crash.

This place is a museum. Huge cases filled with objects from when the prison was active. This crash shook the floor. It sounded like a huge display case was pushed over and smashed. I could feel it in the ground below me. I could hear glass smashing and scattering across the ground. I could feel the physics of it all. The sound of broken objects filled the whole prison. It came from below us.

“F*CK. Someone just broke something really expensive. We are never going to get to come back here.”

As we went down, the two people in the middle floor were rushing up. “What happened up there?” “Nothing. What did you guys do?” They couldn’t understand why we thought it came from the middle floor. But that is where we heard and felt it. They heard and felt it come from our floor. They searched our floor, we searched their floor. The guy in the basement came upstairs in a rush, having heard the massive crash come from the middle like us… We all were certain we heard/felt the crash from the floor below/above us. We looked EVERYWHERE… Not a broken case. Glass. Window. I searched for an additional hour, just because I couldn’t imagine something that massive-sounding, that physical, just not leaving a trace. Really broke my brain. I cannot for the life of me understand how this happened… The park rangers came in and looked, too. They called a week later to confirm nothing was broken.

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An Angry Ghost Spoke Through The Ovilus

From Reddit u/bearcub42:

About eight years ago.

Using an Ovilus in a house that was undergoing renovation and the owner was super scared. It was pretty flat most of the night, so we decided to check out the remains of the woman’s grandparent’s house that burned down on property.

Two of us take but two steps out the door, and my hair gets pulled while the Ovilus coughs up, “Where are you going?”

We lost our minds, because it formed a complete sentence, rapid fire words.

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The Pages Of The Bible Started Flipping Rapidly

From Reddit u/Little_Messiah:

When I was about 15, my punk friends and I used to sneak into this super old abandoned house next to my best friend’s house. The windows were fine, but there were some holes in the floor on the first floor. We decided to go in there and record on our phones and “ghost hunt.” We brought a Bible and three phones. We put the Bible down in a tiny closet between rooms and set up to record.

You can hear us talking and see my friend standing beside the book, but the pages started flipping rapidly, despite there being no breeze and her hair not stirring at all. Then later on in another phone video, you can see us all four standing around in the room talking to the “ghosts” and you can see a fifth person in the room at the back of the video that we didn’t know at all. You can see some bright orange light in the top corner of the ground floor when we were leaving, despite it being night time by then in a house with no power and no holes in the siding.

We didn’t realize any of this until after we went back home and watched the recordings. We went back the next day to look for explanations of what we saw, but never found them and never went back. They’ve since torn it down.

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Cemetery Ghost Followed Them Home

From Reddit u/craftbeerdrinker16:

Used to go ghosting with friends and use Ouija boards all the time. When we were 16, we were f*cking around inside a mausoleum at a cemetery, and when I climbed out, it felt like something blew in my face scaring me, and I fell into a bush. Just thinking it was my imagination getting the best of me, I forgot about it until about a week later.

I was back at my house and walking into my room. The lights were out, and I notice it’s just a bit darker on my bed, but didn’t think much of it until I approached my bed and the same scary-a** thing blew in my face again. I actually fell backwards breaking my closet door lol. Haven’t ghosted since.

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Spectral Hug For A Ghost Hunting Family

From Reddit u/ImNotImCheesecake:

I go ghost hunting with my dad and neighbor. One time, we went to my great-nan’s grave. I had never met her. As soon as we arrived, all three of us started to feel pretty weird, so we sat down for the investigation by the grave. We set up all the voice recorders and EMF meters and started talking.

Once my dad introduced me, I felt like something was touching me. My dad jokingly said, “Why not give him a hug?” But when he said that, I felt arms around my waist, my whole waist went cold and tight, but after a few seconds it stopped. We decided to leave after that, although we kept hearing someone walking behind us, until we left the graveyard.

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A Crawling Child In An Abandoned High School

From Reddit u/AfgebrandeKoek2:

We were in an abandoned high school, which was notorious for being “haunted.” We didn’t believe that, so we went with some material that could help locate and maybe communicate with the ghost. It was said this ghost particularly could write something in a book, so we placed it down and put a camera with night vision right next to it. One of us was holding some smudge sticks so we were sure we couldn’t get attacked. Someone also brought an EMF reader you can buy off of Amazon.

Once we were in the haunted room, one of us saw a crawling child in the hallway. We didn’t believe it, and thought he was just paranoid, but when we placed the equipment and my friend said something with the name of the ghost, the lights started flickering and the front door went shut. My other friend, who was in the hallway alone, started screaming and quickly came to us.

We got out of there as soon as possible.

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Strange Happenings After Using Ouija Board At Abandoned Asylum

From Reddit u/ericaaabish:

I’m not necessarily a “ghost hunter,” but I do enjoy urban exploring and venturing into the unknown…

My friends and I were being dumb and reckless as we were around the age of 16. We decided it would be fun to grab an Ouija board and go to one of our favorite abandoned places. This abandoned place was an old insane asylum that we used to break into every weekend for the adrenaline rush… Anyway, we got in and sat down in the middle of the building on the second floor. We began goofing off and moving the planchette trying to be funny. In short, nothing immediately happened, and we all just began pranking each other and laughing our a**ess off. After it was all said and done, we foolishly got into our vehicles and drove home for the night.

On my way home, I felt very fatigued and just worn out… I stayed out all night, of course I’d be tired, right? Well, for the next MONTH I experienced very bizarre things that even I have a hard time believing. I would wake up most nights with scratches and bruises. The most prominent being a black bruise located on the back of my left upper arm. It was about the size of a baseball… I then began to notice very odd patterns and omens. Three times during this month, I witnessed three owls fly directly at my car and disappear before impact. It scared me so bad I’d jump and lose my breath.

There were also times where I’d constantly feel watched and followed. I felt like my privacy was completely invaded. I began to stay up all night because I grew afraid. I felt like I was going crazy.

My friends didn’t believe me at first, until they started noticing that odd things would happen when I was around. Things would go missing then reappear, random animals would act aggressive around me, and my friends even began developing scratches and bruises they couldn’t explain either… I finally found one girl who believed me and thought that I may have been hexed. Because I was young and dumb, I really didn’t understand what this meant. I was miserable for so long, and just a few days after speaking with this woman, everything changed. I don’t know what happened, but the energy was lighter and I felt that everything was normal again. I never woke up with scratches or bruises again and although I see an occasional shadow figure every now and again, I can tell that whatever was happening to me had stopped.

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Smoky Mystery Shape In Old Mill Investigation

From Reddit u/Jimmypeglegs:

I did an overnight ghost hunt in a place called Houldsworth Mill in Stockport (probably around 2002?).

At the time, the second floor was a makeshift alternative shopping village. At about 3 am, I was stood in the middle of the main aisle with another chap talking.

The back of my neck went cold very quickly, so I turned around with my torch and saw, about eight feet away, what looked like a smoky outline of a person’s head and shoulders. After a couple of seconds, it dissipated.

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Mystery Sounds And Demons in The Woods

From Reddit u/seeyoulaterkota:

Allegedly, the forest next to my house was a typical rally spot for Satanists and the KKK, back in the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, until urban development turned the once-large forest to something short of a city park. So we decided to go walking in the woods around witching hour with some flashlights. A lot of tripping and being spooked by quick escapes of some nocturnal creature no higher than our ankles.

After what sounded like footsteps getting closer and closer behind us and the sound of wood smacking the trunks of nearby trees, I decided to lead the debate on “getting the f*ck out of there.”

After all, was it a ghost? A hobo? A demon? I don’t know, and I didn’t care. Also, this was a time when angels vs demons and extraterrestrial contact type History channel programs were circulating the television airwaves. So we walk quickly back to the car, which was parked on the dirt road entrance that separated my neighborhood and the forest. As we got into the car and turned on the headlights, right in front of us was about a 100lb mangy-looking dog with piercing eyes just staring at us. It turned and, without losing eye contact, slowly walked into the woods until it disappeared into the darkness.

What’s scary about this whole event was sometime prior, I was watching the History channel about people finding angry-looking canine faces in photos even though there were no dogs or anything present at the time of the photo. Religious experts explained that these were demons that haunted the people in the photos.

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Walkie-Talkie Goes Dead In A Haunted Forest

From Reddit u/chaotic38:

About six to seven years ago, a group of friends and I were amateur ghost hunters. We didn’t have all the gear that modern ghost hunters had, but we had the basics. We only had one spirit box.

That we swapped around in shifts.

Our team had decided to spend the night in our state forest, which was said to be haunted (there used to be Native American grounds there long ago). Everything went smoothly as we set up…

Early on, we didn’t get much. Small little lights on our camera that could just as easily be specks of dust or dirt. Small sounds that could just as easily be animals stepping on sticks.

It picked up around midnight. I was on shift at home camp communicating with the others. It startedsmoothly but I lost contact with one of our group, the one we sent with the spirit box. I remember being unnerved by this. I contacted everyone else about her, but no one had any knowledge of where she was or where she went.

We were all severely worried, not because of ghosts necessarily, but because it was a big forest and it was easy to get lost. We decided to group up once… to search for her. Since I knew the forest the most, I took the lead. We didn’t find her for an hour… during which many of our group said they were hearing some kind of voices.

When we found our friend, she seemed shook. She told us how she kept trying the walkie-talkie to no avail. (We checked later, and the batteries weren’t dead). She also told us how after she couldn’t reach us, she tried the spirit box. Most of this is her own interpretation. I don’t know what she asked or what it said exactly, so bear that in mind.

She said that there seemed to be multiple presences. One kept telling her to run, to leave the forest. The others seemed to want to kill her. The other told her she was trespassing that they would kill us. After that, we decided to head home and call it a day. I’m not sure if she was telling the whole truth or whether she was making it up, but it was a very creepy experience regardless.

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Lights Kept Cutting Out In Front Of Creepy Room

From Reddit u/santini-607:

Not an official ghost hunter or anything, just like urban exploring… There’s an ooooold hidden building called “the asylum” in my hometown… It was actually a cattle exchange in the ’50s, a venue in the ’70s, and a haunted house in the early-2000s. The haunted house shut down because people kept getting hurt in the building.

Well, I found it, it’s a pretty stable/intact building and I had gone a couple of times since, but there was only one room that gave me the heebie-jeebies. It was in the far end of where you’d have to climb up a second story window to get in, go alllllllll the way down the hall, it’s painted all black with a cliche detailed pentagram of some sort drawn in red on the wall. When I would go, it’d be around 4 am to avoid running into any police, so it was dark and I usually just used a flashlight or my phone light to see.

At first, my light would only cut out if you were directly in the black room and turn back in once I “walked” a few feet outside. I wanted to see if it was a phone glitch or low battery or something, so I tested it out a few more times with a fully charged phone, an industrial flashlight, a lighter, and a regular flashlight. Same thing happened every time, lights cut out, run out, and it’d turn back on.

HOWEVER. The more I did this, the farther away from the room I’d be when the lights cut off, and they wouldn’t turn back on until I jumped out the window. Haven’t gone in years, but still have no explanation for it.

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