Coronavirus: Latest global developments

August 14, 2021 People's Tonight 244 views

PARIS (AFP) – Here are the latest developments in the coronavirus crisis:

– China resists origins probe –

China rejects the World Health Organization’s calls for a renewed probe into the origins of Covid-19, saying it supports “scientific” over “political” efforts to find out how the virus started.

-…And says outbreak ‘under control’ –

Chinese health officials say they are bringing the country’s worst Covid outbreak in months under control, with no infections in many hotspots in recent days owing to stringent virus control measures.

– Russia daily deaths record –

For a second day running, Russia records its highest daily death toll, with 815 fatalities reported over the past 24 hours, as a third wave of infections persists despite efforts from authorities to boost vaccinations.

– Thai protests –

Three protesters are injured when Thai police fire tear gas and rubber bullets at a Bangkok rally over the government’s handling of the pandemic, as the kingdom registers a new daily high of 23,418 infections.

– Israel booster shots –

Israelis aged 50 and over begin receiving vaccine booster shots as part of a government bid to stem spiking infections driven by the Delta variant.

-…And in US –

The United States authorises an extra dose of vaccine for people with weakened immune systems.

– Norway to lift curbs –

Norway will lift the majority of its remaining Covid restrictions once all adults have been offered a vaccine, which is expected to be around September 6, the government says.

– Malaysian economy hit –

Malaysia’s central bank slashes its 2021 economic growth forecast, citing the re-imposition of coronavirus curbs, bringing its forecast to between 3.0-4.0 percent.

– More than 4.3 million dead –

The coronavirus pandemic has killed at least 4,337,725 people worldwide since the virus first emerged in late 2019, according to an AFP compilation of official data.

The US is the worst-affected country with 619,230 deaths, followed by Brazil with 566,896, India with 430,254, Mexico with 246,811 and Peru with 197,209.