Mascarinas Chooks-to-Go president Ronald Mascariñas and FIBA 3×3 head for events and partnerships Ignacio Soriano renew their partnership.

Chooks-to-Go, FIBA 3×3 renew partnership

March 22, 2022 Robert Andaya 355 views

HERE’S good news to all 3×3 basketball fans.

The successful partnership between Chooks-to-Go and FIBA 3×3 will continue for the next five years.

Chooks-to-Go president Ronald Mascariñas and FIBA 3×3 head for events and partnerships Ignacio Soriano announced the good news during the formal signing of agreement at the Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria in Quezon City last Monday.

“We are truly honored to be given the privilege to be the global partner of FIBA 3×3. We will be their partner in their global activities, especially in Southeast Asia,” said Mascariñas.

Soriano, for his part, lauded Chooks-to-Go for its continued commitment to 3×3 basketball.

“Since the very beginning, Chooks-to-Go was considered as very close friends. Now with the global partnership, you are considered as a brother,” said Soriano, who flew into the country to announce the partnership with Chooks-to-Go.

“Now, we are in the same family. We are extremely excited about this partnership. It’s not only about the events but also about the development of 3×3 basketball in the whole region and not just the Philippines,” explained Soriano.

Before the signing, Chooks-to-Go has represented the country in the FIBA 3×3 World Tour over the past three years

Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3, the country’s only professional 3×3 basketball league, will now be in charge of organizing FIBA 3×3 events in the country and sending the Philippine representatives to the world circuit.

Scheduled for the 2022 season is the hosting of the Chooks-to-Go FIBA 3×3 Southeast Asia Super Quest (April 30-May 1), the Chooks-to-Go FIBA 3×3 Manila World Tour Masters (May 28-29), and the Chooks-to-Go FIBA 3×3 Cebu World Tour Masters (October 1-2).

Teams from Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3 will play in at least two more World Tour Masters stops, including the opener in Utsunomiya on May 14, and two Challenger tournaments.

“It has always been our dream to be in a position to support FIBA 3×3 with it being an Olympic sport,” said Mascariñas, adding that hosting and joining tournaments in the FIBA 3×3 World Circuit gives the maximum possible federation points to the country.

For the domestic league, Chooks-to-Go Pilipinas 3×3 is planning at least three Quest level tournaments (level 7).

Chooks-to-Go will also send its first team composed of Mac Tallo, Zachary Huang, Mike Nzeusseu, Brandon Ramirez, and Dennis Santos to Serbia for a training camp from April 1-15.

“Next month, we will be sending our 3×3 pool to Serbia for a two-week training. They will be exposed to the best 3×3 players, Serbia being the number one 3×3 team in the world,” Mascariñas told sportswriters.

“We will be participating in all FIBA-sanctioned international tournaments where we will be invited or where we will qualify to participate. The more international tournaments we participate in, the easier it will be for us to pile up points.”

Soriano also stressed the need to rack up points for the Philippines, which currently ranks 31st in the world especially with the 2024 Paris Olympics fast approaching

“I’m very excited to start a new project with Chooks-to-Go and Boss Ronald. We are here to prepare because we have a long season ahead including two World Tour Masters events here. Things need to start to get rolling and things need to go really fast,” said Soriano.