Charter change

November 8, 2021 People's Tonight 756 views

FILIPINOS want to believe that any move to revisit the 1987 Constitution hinges on the greater consideration that amendments ought to benefit the country and the people.

And various quarters, including the ordinary citizens across the country, do not want an incumbent government official to use Charter change to extend his or her term of office.

We share their view that the best time to rewrite the fundamental law of the land is a few months after the May 9, 2022 presidential, congressional, regional and local elections.

The amendments should benefit the larger public and not the incumbent government officials.

“Kung gagawin ang pagbabago pagkatapos ng halalan ay hindi maaakusahan ang mga bagong opisyal, kasama na ang Pangulo, na gusto nilang manatili sa puwesto pagkatapos ng kanilang termino,” according to a new voter.

Note that all attempts to amend the Constitution, which was drafted during the incumbency of the late President Corazon Aquino, all failed because of the people’s strong opposition.

There were fears that groups seeking to rewrite the Constitution were after the lifting of term limits of elective officials, including the President of the Philippines.

Even today, people are still saying that some government officials want to hold on to power for life. “They just want to protect their own selfish interests,” a newsman said.

Although more and more people acknowledged that there are defects in the so-called Cory Constitution, they are also against the railroading of constitutional change.

Ang gusto nila ay maayos at hindi minamadali ang pag-amiyenda sa Saligang Batas.