Revilla Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla, Jr.

Bill proposes salary, benefits for PNPA cadets

January 8, 2023 People's Tonight 197 views

CADETS of the Philippine National Police Academy (PNPA) must be considered as government employees and be granted similar salaries, benefits and privileges to serve as a motivation for individual efficiency and organizational effectiveness of the primary law enforcement agency, according to a Senate proposal.

With the intensive training they undergo to become full-pledged enforcers of the law, it is but fitting to promote the general welfare of every PNPA cadet, stated Senate Bill No. 1596 or the PNPA Cadet Act filed by Senator Ramon Revilla Jr.

“By granting them benefits that boost their morale, it will pave the way for the improved performance of their duties and responsibilities,” read the explanatory note.

Established on Aug. 26, 1977, the PNPA is the premiere law enforcement academy of the country.

Graduates earn a Bachelor of Science in Public Safety degree and the rank of Lieutenant.

They may serve under the Philippine National Police, Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and Bureau of Fire Protection.

Under the bill, the cadets are considered employees of the national government, shall have salaries not higher than that of a PNP Lieutenant but not lower than that of a Master Sergeant, and shall receive benefits and privileges in conformity with other existing laws, renewable every academic year until they graduate.

In case of disability, sickness or even death during training, PNPA cadets will have the same benefits as regular PNP personnel.

In case of suspension or turning back, the temporary appointment shall be renewed upon re-entry as approved by the National Police Commission, which will promulgate the rules and regulations.

Upon graduation, a PNPA graduate must render an uninterrupted eight years of service within the PNP.

In case of resignation or abscondence before the completion of the eight-year obligation, the cadet must reimburse the total amount of the program.