A timely call

June 20, 2022 People's Tonight 305 views

VICE President-elect Sara Duterte-Carpio has called on the people, now more than 110 million, to work in unison, noting that the days ahead are full of challenges.

And the highly-articulate lawyer said that “we can never go wrong if we are a people committed to honoring the will of God, to serving our country and our fellowmen.”

In her well-applauded inaugural address as the 15th VP of the country at San Pedro Square in Davao City, Sara vowed to consecrate herself to the service of the nation.

Described by many as “timely,” the call is seen to be the cue for the Filipino people, including critics, to set aside their political, cultural, social and other differences.

We share her view that the voice of the 32.2 million Filipinos who voted for her during the last elections was loud and clear with the message to serve our motherland.

Thus, it would do well for all Filipinos – Ilocanos, Visayans, Kapampangans, Pangasinenses, Bicolanos, Ilonggos, Muslims and others – to rally behind our new leaders.

This, if we want to hasten the tempo of the country’s socio-economic development considering our many problems, notably the rising prices of goods and services.

What’s important is for the incoming government to put in place multi-pronged programs and initiate activities designed to draw the poor into the social mainstream.

With their popularity, sincerity and integrity, Presdent Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. and VP Sara Duterte-Carpio are in a position to lead this country to greater heights.

Tiyak na ‘yon.