Pic1 Photo shows (from L) Nick, Pipo, Tom, Michael, Bobby, Obet, Rene, Jojo, Bong, Tom, Franky, Roger and Rey during the 2023 Father’s Day celebration at the Mendoza Family’s home.


June 21, 2023 Tess Lapuz-Lardizabal 424 views


Photo shows (seated, from L) Rene, Franky, Tom, Ted, Roger, Michael, Obet, Jojo, Bobby, (standing, from L) Rey, Nick and Bong.

Tess LardizabalTHEY are every mother’s officially unofficial child. They are the secret first borns who are always outgrown by the rest of the brood. And when the nest becomes empty, they stay behind with mom in sickness and in health, ’til death do they part.

Their eyes never fail to light up at glorious food, gadgets and trends — like children seeing things for the first time.

And they bawl like babies whenever they can’t find a favorite sock, the remote control or their glasses sitting comfortably on their foreheads.

However, when it comes to protecting family, they metamorphose in a blink.

Instantly, they become superheroes — baring their hidden muscles and magical powers, and threatening to knock down whoever dares threaten the supreme love of their lives.

They are the X-men in every home, the James Bond of every family.

They are whom everybody lovingly calls DAD.

The best example of such daddies is an iconic group of fathers in Woodside, New York who are bonded by the strongest love for their respective families. They also share a rare heroic trait — the ability to manage a stressful career and endless challenges yet still spend superb quality time with their respective wives and kids.

On Father’s Day, the group’s better halves and offsprings honored them with a feast fit for kings and games that brought out anew the child in them.

As an added tribute, their respective families — mostly wives in behalf of their kids — gave their ‘Thank you, Dad’ messages deeply from the heart and innermost souls.

Here goes:

For Nick: “To the one who taught us to work hard and have fun in our lives, and the strongest person we know. Thanks for being there for us and giving us the life we have now. Happy Father’s Day Dad. We love you. Annie, Nickson,Niko, Ivan & Isaac.”

For Pipo: To the BEST DAD. THANK YOU for being you! Love, Paolo, Pauline & Judymae.

For Tom: “You have filled in my dad’s shoes as protector, carer and defender perfectly. Thank you.” — Rachel

For Michael: “Thank you for being a great partner and the best father to Sofia (and Louie)! — Tina

For Bobby: “To my dearest husband and Great Dad to Camille, no matter what, with your silly ideas, sometimes your idiosyncrasies and your craziness, you are still the Best Husband and Dad ever. We love you Dad! — Chelo

For Obet: “Shout out to the best dad for all seaasons who loves us unconditionally. Our hero and all around fix it guy! — Robin and Regine

For Rene: “You are the greatest dad ever to Zoe! You have helped mold our daughter into a beautiful person inside and out. Thank you!” — Alen

For Jojo: “To the best dad ever, Who has always been there for us since the very beginning. To the father who has never stopped supporting us and loving us. We love you. Cynthia and Jaeden.”

For Bong: “You have been our greatest source of strength and inspiration. We love you!” — Ivy

For Tom: ” You have made life wonderful for us. Thank you for being a great dad.” — Maria Kristina

For Franky: “We don’t say it much, but we show it always — we love you every second, every minute, every hour, every day. Thank you for being our Super Dad. In body, mind and spirit.” — Tess, Grace and RJ

For Roger: “Thank you for all the many wonderful things you do…that we fail to notice! You may not be the perfect dad, but you gave us endless love, acceptance and joy in our lives. We love you!” — Judith and the Solis Girls

For Rey: ” You have been always there for me, Kaye and Leo. Thank you for being a great Dad.” — Luz

For Ted: “Happy Father’s Day to one of the most wonderful, kindest Dad and hubby I have ever known!” — Josephine

When asked what is the one word they believe describes them, the Woodside Dads had one resounding answer: “Pogi.”

Amid the protests in jest, their respective families discreetly nodded in agreement.

For the wives and kids have always known in their hearts that these fathers are handsome in their own, unique ways. After all, each dad is a daughter’s first love, a son’s first hero.

Happy blessed Father’s Day and a clapping ovation to the Wonder Dads of Woodside!

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