Urban farming program

August 7, 2022 People's Tonight 377 views

THE government and local government units (LGUs) would do well to adopt a highly-successful urban farming program being implemented in Quezon City, the country’s capital city.

The urban farming initiative was launched way back in 2010 by then Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte to help QC residents cope with the rising prices of food and other basic commodities.

Since then, local government authorities have already established more than 160 organic farms in backyards, daycare centers, churches and communal spaces across Quezon City.

QC Councilor Alfred Vargas has urged the national government and LGUs not only in Luzon but elsewhere to implement programs similar to “our urban farming program.”

“This is a model of sustainability and self-sufficiency that can be adopted by the national government and other local governments,” according to the hard-working alderman.

We commend the QC government for urging the government to implement urban farming projects in the country considering the seemingly endless rising of prices of basic commodities.

Hopefully, concerned government authorities heed the call of the QC government as part of our efforts to achieve food self-sufficiency.

Of course, the new administration of President Ferdinand “Bongbong” R. Marcos Jr., which ends in 2028, is committed to eradicate hunger in the country, notably in the countryside.

Like other well-meaning Filipinos, we believe that urban farming will play a crucial role in addressing the hunger problem not only in QC but also in other heavily-populated towns and cities.

Let’s then support urban farming.