This Passenger Saw ‘Mysterious Being’ Who Scared Lady In Dallas to Orlando Flight

July 10, 2023 People's Tonight 4618 views

By Vicky Verma 

An unusual incident happened at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. An American Airlines flight was delayed for three hours after a woman onboard freaked out. She claimed to have encountered an eerie figure on the plane. She frantically demanded to get off the plane. Her behavior would seem strange to many but there are passengers who are in support of her.

On July 3, 2023, a video of a woman wearing a crop top and jeans went viral on social media. Her behavior on a flight from Dallas to Orlando caught the attention of fellow passengers. Walking down the aisle, she displayed signs of fear and urgency, expressing her desperate need to exit the airplane. Distressed, she claimed the presence of an unreal and dangerous figure onboard.

She can be seen saying in the video, “And everyone can either believe it or they can not believe it. I don’t give two … But I am telling you right now, that (—) back there is not real.” Her alarming statement alludes to a mysterious figure she perceives, causing other passengers to turn and look in the direction she points.

The video had originally been shared on TikTok, but it was removed from the platform. Since then, it has been reshared by various social media channels. In the clip, the woman claims that she is getting off the flight because someone on the flight (presumably a passenger) was not real, and warned that those who remain on the plane can “die with him or not.”

Woman1The incident led to a delay of the flight for approximately three hours, as reported by the original uploader. Curiously, the woman managed to avoid arrest and even re-entered the airport after the entire plane had to deplane.

Some speculate that the woman was on medication, under the influence, or undergoing psychosis. People on social media expressed their worry and curiosity about the outcome of the flight, with some individuals admitting they felt genuinely unsettled by her words.

A different video uploaded by another passenger captured the woman arguing with a flight attendant minutes before the viral episode. In the footage, she demands the plane to be stopped and adamantly expresses her desire to leave the plane, disregarding her personal belongings.

As the story gained attention on TikTok, various theories about what the woman might have encountered on the plane emerged. Speculations ranged from shapeshifting reptilians to extraterrestrial beings. However, the woman herself has not come forward to provide an explanation for her behavior, leaving room for speculation and further discussions.

Man in Hoddie

The American Airlines flight incident became interesting when a young man on TikTok “The Kole Show” shared a video, claiming that he saw a woman having a heated conversation with some man in a hoodie, who remained silent throughout. The Kole Show did not capture any video of the incident but noticed that the man in the hoodie appeared not normal. After the woman exited the plane, the man in the hoodie briefly interacted with him by asking if anything had happened and then winked at him. The Kole Show reflects on the strange encounter and mentions that the man winked horizontally.

ManCredit: The Kole Show/TikTok

I was on that flight. It was American Airlines. We were leaving Dallas Fort Worth. I was sitting in the left aisle, about three rows back from this woman. She was sitting in the right aisle, and she had this very, very interesting exchange with some dude in a hoodie. I don’t remember the color of the hoodie. You know how memory is when you’re not super paying attention. You don’t remember all the details.

I had one headphone in, couldn’t hear all the specifics of what happened. But I noticed this exchange between this woman and this dude in a hoodie. And it was kind of weird at the time because it seemed like no one else before she really started getting frantic, like, was paying attention to this. But that makes sense. It was like a normal flight. This was after putting all the luggage away. We’d been on the plane for a little bit. It was before the flight attendant came over and gave the little spiel. And what I remember is she was having, like, a full-blown conversation with this dude in the hoodie.

I’ll call him the hoodie guy. She was having a full-blown conversation with the hoodie guy. The weird thing was that he never once said a (—) word to her the whole time. And at the time, I don’t know, I wasn’t really thinking about it, but it’s like she would say something, and he would respond. But there was no exchange happening. It was just her getting more and more frantic, which, okay, if she’s drunk and she’s going crazy, then you would think the dude in the hoodie would have been like, “What are you talking about? What are you talking about?”

But he was just, like, deadlocked on her. Like, deep eye contact with her. I don’t want to feed into the conspiracies here, but almost like she was, like, in a hypnosis type of thing. And she started getting more and more frantic to the point where then people started kind of noticing. A flight attendant came over, tried to calm her down. Like, “What’s going on?”

She sat back down, but she kept looking over at this dude in the hoodie. And finally, she was like, “Done with it.” And that’s when I really started paying attention. Like, “Okay, what the (—) is going on?” And that’s when she was like, “I can’t do this.” She started getting up. She started walking up to the front. And then the whole video thing happened. I didn’t take a video of it. I was listening to a Stephen King audiobook. I wasn’t, like, pulling out my phone to record this. And she didn’t seem drunk to me, by the way.

Just throwing that out there. I didn’t see her drink. I mean, she seemed totally normal to me up until that point. The weird thing was, after she left the plane, the dude in the hoodie, which the flight attendant, was like, “Did anything happen?” And he still didn’t say a word. He just went like and shrugged. The dude in the hoodie looked around the plane and he looked back at me and he winked at me [Horizontally]. And again, I didn’t quite register it. I was like, “Okay, what the (—) was that about?” I was like, “Maybe he’s just being like an (—) .” Like winking like that was weird…

The Kole Show’s video gained more than 7 million views on TikTok. But it was called a fake story due to his comment where he writes the video is not real. But the twist is, the man claimed in the second part of the video that he intentionally put such a comment to avoid the platform algorithm taking his video down. He clarified in the second part that he was on the plane and everything he said in the first part is true.

Okay, here’s your part two. I can’t even believe this video has blown up this much. I literally made this video in a few minutes, went to go see some fireworks, hung out with some friends, came home, went to bed a little bit tipsy, woke up in the morning, got to work, and didn’t even check my phone. And then I see this thing blown up all over the place, and there’s a bunch of in the comments of people saying, like, you weren’t there. Like, it’s a joke, he’s a liar. I don’t even care about any of that. I don’t, like, get on TikTok all that much at all. But I am kind of annoyed at the email I got last night.

…And I know it’s probably nothing serious. It kind of freaked me out a little bit when I got up in the morning, but I know it’s probably someone in the comments. One of you all probably found my email or something, and you’re just playing a prank… But I don’t appreciate that kind of stuff. So I’m going to make this one video.

I’m going to clear the air and just nothing crazy happened on the plane for the rest of the flight. What else happened? Let me just clear the air and just tell you the rest of my little story. And then that’s it. I forgot about it. Whatever. I’ve seen in my life. Like, I’m going to move on with my life, so whatever. First off, I was on the plane. So everyone’s saying, oh, the reason I put that in the description, which I thought we all knew about TikTok, is because TikTok will suppress content and take content down. When you’re talking about controversial things or conspiracy things or political stuff, it’ll take your videos down…So that’s why I did that.

Several other eyewitnesses have shared their accounts of the incident. Notably, stand-up comedian and actor Scott Thompson popularly known as “Carrot Top” was present on the same flight and posted a video from the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, expressing his frustration and blaming the woman for the delay. (Source)

Another passenger, “M Lee RN,” claimed to have witnessed the events and clarified that the woman’s outburst stemmed from losing her AirPods and accusing a nearby African-American passenger of stealing them. According to M Lee RN, the plane returned to the gate, law enforcement officials were involved, and the woman was eventually removed from the flight. The incident prompted an investigation to ensure the safety of the aircraft, and the three flight attendants who dealt with the woman were also replaced.

Although M Lee RN’s account provided a logical explanation for the incident, some individuals remain unconvinced and demand to hear the woman’s side of the story. However, an American Airlines representative confirmed the disruptive passenger’s removal from the flight and emphasized their commitment to safety and security.

The woman’s silence and absence from public discussions have left many people curious about her whereabouts and the reasons for her behavior. Speculations suggest that she may be embarrassed or even incarcerated. In the meantime, social media users urge caution and safety during future flights, acknowledging the potential for unexpected incidents.