Extraordinary Document Reveals Sketch of 1933 Crashed Alien Craft, Shared by Italian Journalist for First Time

July 10, 2023 People's Tonight 1493 views

By Vicky Verma

In the ongoing investigation into the alleged 1933 UFO crash in Italy, a significant breakthrough has emerged. Italian journalist Roberto Pinotti reveals that he obtained crucial documentary evidence about the incident. Astonishingly, he got these documents from a mysterious source who claimed that they had been inherited from a family member involved in the top-secret program.

Pinotti claimed that the reported UFO crash happened in Magenta, Lombardy, Italy, on April 11, 1933. This event took place 14 years before the well-known Roswell UFO incident in New Mexico.

The crash itself revolved around a saucer-shaped object resembling a flying saucer. Its occurrence prompted an inquiry conducted by the “Gabinetto RS/33” (or RS/33 Cabinet), a clandestine intelligence division formed during wartime under the authorization of Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

In his book “UFO Contacts In Italy Volume Two,” Pinotti disclosed that the crashed UFO was stored in the hangars of SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate. Mussolini, perceiving the unorthodox aerial craft as a clandestine weapon belonging to France, Britain, or Germany, found it intriguing. Meanwhile, Sen. Guglielmo Marconi, the Italian Royal Academy of Sciences’ leader, purportedly speculated that its origin was extraterrestrial.

Roberto1Roberto Pinotti (left) is a President of the Italian National UFO Center (CUN)

Additionally, the former US intelligence officer David Grusch, who provided astonishing insights into secret UFO programs, has given credence to this story. Grusch disclosed that the United States and its allies engaged in covert programs for nearly ninety years, revealing that one of the recovered craft was found in Italy in 1933.

Mr. Grusch plans to testify publicly in the near future, potentially happening soon. Journalist Ross Coulthart acknowledges knowing multiple witnesses and whistleblowers who support Mr. Grusch’s claims. Mr. Grusch has provided evidence under oath to Congress and the Inspector General.

Coulthart also mentions that there are others waiting to observe how Congress treats Mr. Grusch before stepping forward. Simultaneously, an additional interview with Mr. Grusch has surfaced online, revealing previously undisclosed and astonishing details about the UAP topic.

During an interview with NewNation, Coulthart commends US Senator Marco Rubio’s statement, highlighting its bipartisan nature. Senator Gillibrand and Representative Mike Gallagher have also expressed support for holding hearings on the matter. Coulthart believes that certain classified information may be preventing some members of Congress from discussing the issue publicly.

He praises NewsNation for giving the story the coverage it deserves and speculates that other media outlets may be hoping the story fails. Coulthart draws a parallel to the Watergate scandal, emphasizing that legitimate stories take time to gain recognition.

Pinotti disclosed in his interview with DailyMail that he received the original secret documents about the case in 1996 from an anonymous source who claimed to have inherited them from a family member involved in Mussolini’s supposed UFO program. The documents included telegrams from June 1933 demanding silence regarding the alleged landing of an unknown aircraft and threatening penalties for journalists reporting on it. The telegrams were said to be by the personal order of Mussolini himself.

LetterPinotti received handwritten memos with a sketch and description of a cylindrical aircraft with portholes and lights flying over Northern Italy. The memos were on paper with a government agency letterhead dated August 22, 1936. Credit: DailyMail

Pinotti also mentioned other documents referring to the mysterious government department “Gabinetto RS/33,” supposedly headed by Nobel Prize-winning inventor Guglielmo Marconi, which was responsible for managing the retrieval and study of the alleged saucer wreckage and other UFO incidents. However, the existence of this department and Marconi’s involvement have not been verified by Italian historians or UFO researchers.

Pinotti claimed that the alleged crash site was near Magenta, a satellite town of Milan, and he identified SIAI Marchetti in Vergiate, an aircraft facility in the area, as the likely site where the supposed wreckage was stored. According to Pinotti, the site miraculously avoided bombing raids during World War II and was secured by US and UK troops in 1945.

Grusch stated that the craft was recovered by agents of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a former US intelligence agency, around this time.

“In 1933, a bell-like craft, around ten meters in size, was recovered in Magenta, northern Italy. It was kept by Mussolini’s government until 1944 when it was recovered by agents of the OSS,” Grusch revealed in his interview with the French newspaper Le Parisien in June 2023.

The authenticity of the documents related to the alleged 1933 UFO crash in Italy has been a subject of debate and skepticism. Pinotti claims to have authenticated some of them through forensic analysis.

According to Pinotti, a forensic expert tested one of the documents dated 1936 and concluded that the paper and ink were from that period. However, it is important to note that this analysis focused on a single document, and the telegrams from 1933 have not been tested.

Skeptics have pointed out that vintage paper and ink from the time could have been used to forge the documents. Furthermore, the lack of protocol numbers or official stamps on the papers raises doubts about their authenticity. Some critics argue that the documents resemble personal memos rather than official government documents.

Pinotti himself, as well as his colleague Alfredo Lissoni, have been advocates for the authenticity of the documents and have conducted research on the alleged 1933 UFO crash in Italy.

Additionally, British historian Graeme Rendall, who has written books on WWII UFO sightings, believes the evidence is inconclusive.

Journalist Christopher Sharp of Liberation Times did extensive research on the Italy crash and found that alongside the crashed UFO, two human-like bodies were allegedly recovered at the site in Lombardy, Italy, in 1933. The bodies described by Mr. Sharp sparked intrigue and speculation due to their unusual characteristics and alleged extraterrestrial origin.

Later, the retrieved unknown craft’s information was confided to Pope Pius XII by Mussolini himself, as they had good relations. However, after Mussolini allied with Adolf Hitler’s Third Reich, the Pope became uneasy about the craft and leaked it to the US from the Vatican. Post-war, the craft was allegedly brought to the USA, where it supposedly remains today.

Lue Elizondo, a former government official involved in UFO investigations, mentioned seeing “compelling” documents from Mussolini’s office, indicating that some pieces of the Italian craft were transported to the USA after World War II. Speculations suggest that the craft was not a typical unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) with advanced technology, but rather a vehicle powered by jet engines and rockets, resembling the flying wing designs of the Horten brothers. The exact purpose of this technology transfer to the Axis powers remains unclear but is likely linked to gaining a military advantage.