Sara camp warns vs fake DSWD solicitors

June 1, 2022 Cristina Lee-Pisco 364 views

THE public has been cautioned against crooked individuals using the name of Vice President-elect and incoming Education Secretary Sara Duterte in their illegal activities.

Liloan Mayor and incoming Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco, Duterte’s spokesperson, made the warning after reports reached their camp about unscrupulous individuals who are using the name of Duterte to solicit funds from contractors and suppliers.

“The office of Vice President-Elect Sara Duterte has received information about people presenting themselves as her representatives to allegedly collect advance payments for Department of Education’s projects targeting contractors and suppliers of the organization,” Frasco said.

Frasco stressed “the incoming Secretary of Education has not nor will never designate anyone to talk to or negotiate with contractors and suppliers to engage in corrupt activities smearing her reputation and tarnishing the image of the entire DepEd and the thousands of people working hard under the organization.”

The spokeswoman exhorted the public to be wary when dealing with individuals who are claiming to be part of the Vice President’s Office or the Department of Education.

“Contractors, suppliers, and the general public are strongly urged to exercise prudence when dealing with individuals and/or groups claiming to represent the Vice President-Elect and incoming DepEd Secretary,” she said.

Frasco also urged the public to report to authorities the scammers using the name of Duterte to stop their illegal activities.

“You may also report these suspicious activities to the authorities,” she said.