No rally, medical lockdown at MCFH

August 15, 2021 Itchie G. Cabayan 215 views

MANILA COVID-19 Field Hospital (MCFH)Director Dr. Arlene Dominguez decried as fake news reports that health personnel rallied infront of the said hospital threatening a medical lockdown.

She specifically denied that any of their staff is involved in such issues, if any, stressing that they are all happy and contented with their jobs.

“Happy ang mga staff. Maaga nga sila nakasahod. May mga iba na hihinintay lang maipasa needed requirements. Kasama nga sila sa risk allowance benefits,” Dominguez stated.

She also lamented a picture that came out at a media outfit , saying “‘hindi sa amin ‘yung mga pictures na ‘yun. ‘Yun ginamit nila na picture ng field hospital eh process yun ng pagtanggap ng mga transfers galing sa ibang hospitals.”

“Sana wag nang gawan ng fake story Tahimik po na nagtatrabaho ang mga medical staff ng aming hospital,” Dominguez further lamented.

Dominguez also stressed that none of their staff go out and that more importantly, no one is allowed to go out wearing hazmats.

“The Manila COVID-19 Field Hospital Medical Team remains steadfast in its commitment to the people to help fight this war against the COVID-19 pandemic. We have no time to be involved in politics because we want our precious time entirely offered for the medical care of our patients. These critical and trying times require cooperation amongst all Filipinos and should not allow for any politicking at the expense of hardworking people and the spreading of fake news, which only aggravate people’s anxiety,” Dominguez said.

“We condemn any efforts to malign the reputation of the medical professionals of our hospital and demeaning the sacrifices of each of us through irresponsible and false reporting. We are just happy to help and serve our patients. All these are made possible by the all-out support of the City Government of the Manila through the leadership of Mayor Isko Moreno. Let us all fight COVID-19 pandemic together,” she added.