Kylie shows a happy front despite controversies

February 18, 2023 Mario Bautista 491 views

Kylie1Kylie2Kylie3KYLIE Padilla made a successful comeback after her separation from ex-husband Aljur Abrenica in the hit primetime sportserye, “Bolera”, where she plays a billiards champ. She’s now happy to share topbilling with “Encantadia” sisters Sanya Lopez and Gabbi Garcia in “Mga Lihim ni Urduja”, which will replace the toprated “Maria Clara at Ibarra”.

“I am so glad to reunite with both Sanya and Gabbi,” she says. “Naging maganda agad ang bonding namin sa taping ng aming show at panay ang kuwentuhan namin. And we’re all enjoying the show kasi we’re doing lots of action scenes this time.”

“Mga Lihim ni Urduja”, just like “Maria Clara at Ibarra”, is a historical-fantasy drama that connects the present world with that of the past. Urduja is a legendary warrior princess who lived in pre-colonial times in Pangasinan. It is said that she left a precious necklace with ancient jewels that serve as magical amulets or anting-anting.

It becomes the mission of Gabbi Garcia and Kylie to search for the priceless necklace. Gabbi plays Crystal, a talented jewelry designer, while Kylie is Gem, a fearless rookie cop. They have contrasting personalities as Gabbi is spontaneous and carefree while Kylie is cautious and uptight.

In their objective to look for the Urduja jewels, they will be facing many obstacles posed by various bounty hunters who are also after the antique necklace. But the show will also take the viewer back into the past as it shows the forgotten world of Princess or Hara Urduja, as played by the courageous Sanya Lopez.

“I feel so proud to be part of a show that aims to show the heroism of an amazing female warrior like Hara Urduja,” says Kylie. “First time kong gumanap bilang isang pulis and I love it. As Gem, I’m supposed to be a distant descendant of Urduja. What I like in her is her being a strong woman, and my character, si Gem, strong din ang character niya and she became a policewoman to be able to help and protect other people, specially women and children in need.”

Between her and her ex-husband, Kylie is the one who is really back on the grind after their breakup, as she has also finished a movie with Gerald Anderson shot on location in Switzerland no less. In contrast, Aljur is now relegated to playing kontrabida roles, like in the Prime Video series “One Good Day”, where he was villain to Ian Veneracion. What can she say now that Aljur and his current ladylove, AJ Raval, have admitted that they’re in a relationship? And the rumor is that AJ has already given birth to their baby. Some netizens are even urging her to file charges against the two as her marriage to Aljur has not yet been officially annulled.

“I am just happy for everybody,” she says. “When everybody is happy, that is what’s important. Seriously, di ba, kapag dumarating ang some sort of depression to anyone, just being happy is already a blessing. So, it’s no joke, I’m just happy that everyone’s finding their own happiness.”

Aljur’s younger brother, Vin Abrenica, has moved to GMA-7 and now co-stars with Kylie in “Mga Lihim ni Urduja” as Onyx, the leader of bounty hunters searching for Urduja’s much coveted necklace. So how is it?

“We’re okay,” she replies. “Wala naman kaming problema ni Vin, e. Feeling ko nga, naging mas close kami now that we are in the same show. Nagkakasama kami with our own kids, so panoorin nyo ang ‘Mga Lihim ni Urduja’ kasi maganda rin ang role ni Vin doon at maganda ang twist sa story.”