Jolo impressive for a newcomer

July 11, 2023 Mario Bautista 437 views

Jolo2Jolo1JOLO Estrada is all smiles these days. And why not? His first big movie, Regal Entertainment’s endearing romantic comedy, “Seasons”, is doing very well via streaming. It’s number one not only in the local Netflix channel but even in other countries.

“Seasons” has now also entered the top 10 most viewed movie charts of Netflix in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait. And not only that. His performance as Hans, the third wheel in the romance of Lovi Poe as Charlie and Carlo Aquino as Kurt is getting very good, encouraging feedback from viewers.

They say he has a hunky and dynamic screen presence and his acting is most certainly quite impressive for a newcomer.

“I like my role as a guy who’s Lovi’s officemate,” he says. “May gusto ako sa kanya but eventually, I realized that she’s very much in love with Carlo. So I was put in a dilemma: will I continue to pursue her or just give way to nurse a broken heart?”

Jolo is the eldest son of Senator Jinggoy Estrada and his amiable wife Precy. He’s a latebloomer in showbiz as he opted to finish his college studies first before going into acting.

How is it working with Lovi and Carlo in “Seasons”? “Oh, they’re both very easy and nice to work with,” he says. “We shot the movie on location in the Ilocos Region and we had a great time bonding while we were there. They’re veterans in acting compared to me who is just starting, but they never made me feel that I’m a newcomer. I learned a lot about the craft just by watching them how they work on the set.”

Jolo is very thankful to his manager Leo Dominguez and Regal producer Roselle Monteverde for giving him an opportunity to be part of a a feel good romantic film like “Seasons”.

“I first appeared on the big screen many years ago playing a small role in a movie with my dad,” he says. “So I had jitters when I first came to the set of ‘Seasons’ in Ilocos, but the cast and the crew welcomed me like family, specially sina Lovi and Carlo and our director Easy Ferrer. They made me feel comfortable and at home.”

“Seasons” was conceptualized by Lovi Poe and the full screenplay was written by Dwein Baltazar. “It’s very light, a highly entertaining movie,” adds Jolo. “It’s guaranteed to give you enough kiligs to make you feel romantic and fall in love all over again, so watch na kayo sa Netflix now.”