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Jeri Violago shares the stage with Marco and Bo

May 23, 2024 Leah C. Salterio 85 views
Jeri Violago joins veteran artists onstage
Jeri (left) with Bo Cerrudo and Marco Sison in a post Mother’s Day concert

Young singer-songwriter Jeri Violago got to pit his impressive vocal skills with veteran performers Marco Sison and Bo Cerrudo, in a post Mother’s Day concert, Songs for Mama, Thursday night.

An evening of dining, dancing and music, the concert happened at the Palms Country Club in Alabang. The venue was packed with guests, mostly southeners who welcomed watching a live concert that side of the city.

Jeri, who was a guest in the concert, sauntered onstage with his solo standard number, The Way You Look Tonight.

“Jeri is a very promising young man with an old soul,” remarked Marco about the 24-year-old singer after the latter’s well-applauded solo number.

Then, Jeri shared the stage with Marco and Bo, when they rendered the popular standard tune, Sway, backed up by The Brothers Unlimited Band.

It’s not every time that Jeri got to perform alongside veteran entertainers. Usually, he would only do his solo spots as guest in concerts and events.

In Songs for Mama, Jeri held his own singing with Marco and Bo for the first time. He even joined them in their choreographed number.

Although he may be in tenterhooks, Jeri hardly made it visible when he was performing onstage. He sang, danced a bit, reached out to the audience and showed his versatility onstage.

Marco and Bo did a duet of OPM medley – Gaano Kadalas ang Minsan, Hanggang sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan, Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka, Nais Ko, Sana ay Ikaw na Nga and Ngayon ay Kailanman.

They also rendered a Barry Manilow medley – I Can’t Smile Without You, Somewhere Down the Road, I Write the Songs and Copacabana.

Anna Ylagan worked at the helm of Songs for Mama.

Jeri, meanwhile, recently released his second single, Hindi Ka Nag-iisa, another Vehnee Saturno composition who wrote his debut, Gusto Kita, under ABS-CBN’s Tarsier Records.

“I will be releasing more of my songs in the coming months,” Jeri granted. “I have a Tagalog song in collaboration with Jonathan Manalo to be released soon. After that, I will come out with my original (English) song this July. I hope you will anticipate those songs and enjoy them, as well.”

Veteran composer Vehnee Saturno is very pleased to work with Jeri. Vehnee added, “At the time we were recording his second single, masarap katrabaho si Jeri,” said Vehnee. “Jeri was so down-to-earth. I’m very happy to write some of the songs for him.”

Jeri has around ten songs which are completed and are now in his music library. He has 15 other raw tunes on his phone which are only lyrics, humming or melody that he turns into chords in his guitar.

“Based on those chords, I play them on the guitar and I try to see what type of songs will come out,” Jeri said. “Is it a sad song, a happy song, love song. Of course, what really helps is what you’re going through at the moment.”

Jeri expresses his desire to do a musical collaboration with Moira de la Torre one day soon. “Why not?,” Jeri asked. “Who doesn’t want to do a duet with Moira?”