Alfred Dalizon

Replace all Region 11 law enforcement officials to get Quiboloy

June 15, 2024 Alfred P. Dalizon 145 views

THERE’S no way Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy can be arrested in his Davao City enclaves as long as active law enforcement officials who are known for their close ties to him and former President Rodrigo R. Duterte remain well-entrenched in their posts.

They include officials of the Police Regional Office 11, the Armed Forces of the Philippines, the National Bureau of Investigation and different PNP National Operational Support Units stationed in Southern Mindanao.

Along with already retired law enforcement officials living in or frequently visiting the region, it is widely believed that these active officers are all known to FPRRD and Quiboloy and in many occasions have courted the support of the both, and thus have the number of the two and their close aides and supporters.

This is the sad reality the national government is facing in the wake of the failed effort to locate Quiboloy in his three properties in Davao City last Monday which triggered charges and counter-charges from the police force and defenders of the self-proclaimed ‘Son of God’ and led to the administrative relief of a number of senior PNP officials who were merely doing their job.

Many highly-reliable sources have told me that even the most secret of all secret operations to get Quiboloy would be futile since he is apparently being tipped off by active and retired law enforcement officials and his die-hard sympathizers.

Let’s start from the Police Regional Office 1 which now has a new director in the person of former Quezon City Police District director, Brigadier General Nick Torre of PNP Academy Class 1993. Torre replaced Brig. Gen. Aligre Martinez of PNPA Class 1994.

Martinez had barely warmed his seat as PRO11 director-he only assumed the post last April 25-when he was relieved along with PNP Director for Operations, Major Gen. Ronald Lee and PNP Intelligence Group director, Colonel Edwin Portento in the aftermath of last Monday’s operations in Davao City.

Some well-intentioned officials said that Brig. Gen. Torre needs all the help he can get from the PNP leadership headed by Gen. Rommel Marbil if he wishes to succeed in getting Quiboloy.

That means he has to bring in his most trusted lieutenants to help him in his mission. That means even replacing his regional staff, NOSU regional chiefs and other heads of offices known for their close ties with Duterte and Quiboloy.

The same thing goes with the heads of the NBI, the different AFP branches and its intelligence units and other law enforcement officials known for their long-time association with the two powerful personalities.

As I have written two months ago, the dreaded job of arresting Quiboloy lies in the hands of Martinez. Now, that tough job has been given to Torre. As I have said before, prior to the designation of Martinez as Southern Mindanao police director, many 1-star police generals aspiring to become an RD in the country have told me they don’t want that post.

Their reason: the politics in the region in which they have to deal with FPRRD, his children led by Vice President Sara-Duterte-Carpio as well as former PNP chief-turned Senator Bato dela Rosa and Sen. Bong Go.

FPRRD has also made it known by the public that he is fully supporting Quiboloy who even named the former president as administrator of the vast properties of the KOJC last March.

This time, Torre has to really contend with the thing called Davao politics. When Martinez was named as PRO11 director by Gen. Marbil, I said that the top cop made a very wise decision in bringing a native of Pangasinan to Davao. Now that Martinez has been replaced by Torre, I wished the latter all the luck in the world as he embarks on a quest to track down Quiboloy.

I have learned that PNP officials formerly assigned or are already living in Davao region have really begged off from leading the posse to get the pastor. Their reason: their lives and that of their wives and children who are studying in the region may be endangered.

Martinez replaced the now retired Brig. Gen. Alden Delvo, a lawyer from PNPA Class of 1995 who led the Southern Mindanao police force for more than 13 months or since March 17, 2023 until he retired from the police force last April without getting Quiboloy of course.

Another reason behind the failed effort is that even members of the PNP, the AFP and other law enforcement agencies in Davao region are followers of Quiboloy, being faithful members of the KOJC. I also learned that many officers in the region are basketball mates of the pastor who used to play solid games with them before, or regularly met them in lunch or dinner.

That ‘loyalty problem’ is one main thing Torre need to contend with this time. Indeed, the presence of many Quiboloy loyalists who may be giving him advance information on planned operations to get him will always pose a problem to the government. As soon as that is solved, Torre would be able to comply with the order from his Chief.

By the way, PNP spokesperson, Colonel Jean Fajardo hit the nail right on the head last Friday when he called on Quiboloy, his co-accused in a child sex abuse and trafficking case and their defenders including lawmakers to please respect the law too as what they have been preaching the country in the aftermath of the raids on the self-proclaimed Son of God’s enclaves in Davao City last Monday.

“Yung mga nagsasabing sumunod tayo sa batas, they must be reminded too na dapat po tayong sumunod din sa batas, respect the law, respect our court process,” Fajardo said.

“Me warrant of arrest po silang dala at hindi po puwedeng yung application ng batas ay kikilalanin natin kung pabor lang sa atin,” the lawyer-official said. “Sana po ay humarap sila sa korte, present evidence to disprove the charges against them kasi yun po ang essence ng justice,” she added.

Col. Fajardo also welcomed any investigation that will be conducted by different bodies including the Senate in connection with the Davao City raids saying it will give the PNP the opportunity to answer all allegations against them. Senator Robin Padilla, who had opposed moves by his fellows to cite Quiboloy for contempt for repeatedly snubbing a Senate inquiry, obviously wants the raids investigated.