Fans show big support for Barbie and David as Ishin endorsers

January 28, 2023 Mario Bautista 617 views

Barbie1Barbie2Barbie3BARBIE Forteza and David Licauco were successfully launched as endorsers of Ishin Glutathione food supplement for skin whitening and immunity boosting. The fans of their Filay love team from “Maria Clara at Ibarra” came in full force to the venue, La Reve, to show them their full support.

Both Barbie and David say they never expected that their love team will be embraced warmly by audiences since they’ve worked together before but it didn’t click that well with viewers as the Filay love team does now. And to think they all know that in real life, Barbie has been on with Jack Roberto for sometime now.

Does Jack ever get jealous of the Filay tandem? “Jak is very supportive,” says Barbie. “Siguro dahil artista rin siya, alam niya ang kalakaran sa showbiz. And we’re happy that the fans now are very intelligent and they know how to separate yung Filay love team namin ni David from our personal lives. Actually, mas nagselos si Jak kay Dennis Trillo, kasi alam niyang noon pa, crush ko si Dennis. But ‘yung selos lang naman na nagpapa-cute.”

How does she find David as an on screen partner? “Kahit ilang beses na kaming nagkatrabaho, dito lang kami sa ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’ naging close talaga. Kasi pareho kaming introvert, so most of the time, we keep to ourselves. But dito, while shooting on location in Ilocos, we got to open up to each other at naging friends kami talaga. Si David, maalaga sa kapareha niya. Ewan ko kung napapansin nyo, pero in many scenes, inaalalayan niya talaga ako. Very caring siya talaga. And now, may endorsement na kami as a love team, ang Ishin nga.”

Shirleen Albino Bautista of Ishin says they got Barbie as she’s a personal fan of her and her love team with David. “Si Barbie kasi, she looks angelic, so innocent, and ang puti-puti niya talaga, so bagay siya sa Ishin. She’s an accomplished actress, nanalo na ng awards here and sa international film festival. At talagang personally, kinikilig ako sa love team nila ni David. Sobrang ganda ng chemistry nila.”

Meantime, “Maria Clara at Ibarra” enters a new phase as it transitions from “Noli Me Tangere” to “El Filibusterismo”. Barbie as Klay has returned to the real and present world and she is trying to find out ways of how to get back to the novels of Jose Rizal. Then she will get a big surprise when somebody who looks David as Fidel pops up in the modern world.

Khalil Ramos is also joining “Maria Clara at Ibarra” as the grown up son of Sisa named Basilio. He is now a student of medicine and he gets to meet Dennis Trillo, who plays Crisostomo Ibarra, but is now in disguise as the vengeful Simoun.

Despite his disguise, Basilio recognizes Simoun as Ibarra, who people thought has died 13 years ago. He is now out for vengeance and wants to punish the Spaniards for their abuses in our country during the 300-year reign of Spain as our colonizer.