Micaella does a new starring role

January 28, 2023 Mario Bautista 1051 views

Boso1Boso2Boso3AFTER doing action in the revenge-thriller “Bata Pa si Sabel”, Micaella Raz gets to do another starring role in “Boso Dos” as a newly recruited secret agent who infiltrates a drug syndicate.

In the process, she gets entangled in a deadly love syndicate involving her, the cop who she works with played by Gold Aceron and the syndicate boss she is supposed to trap and arrest played by Vince Rillon. So how is it working with Vince, Gold and their director, Jon Red?

“I’ve worked before with Vince in ‘Virgin Forest’ so magkakilala na kami,” she says. “Si Gold ngayon ko lang nakasama and he’s fun to work with, the whole cast. Si Direk Jon Red, ngayon ko rin lang naka-work and he made sure we’re all comfortable with him. Masaya siyang katrabaho and I’m happy I got the chance to work with him. Sana maulit pa. I’m happy na nakapag-action ako uli rito. After this, I will be doing a drama series naman.”

Explore the world of drug syndicates and get to know more about their messy lives in the latest sexy-thriller action movie, “Boso Dos”, streaming exclusively on Vivamax starting this February 3.

The first “Boso” movie is about a peeping Tom in a boarding house, directed by Jon Red in 2005 starring Katya Santos, Epy Quizon, Jaycee Parker and Gwen Garci. Epy and Katya are now also appearing in “Boso Dos”.

“Boso Dos” is also directed by Jon Red and it’s about a group of secret agents assigned to observe an apartment turned into a drug den. They are spying on a suspected drug trafficker named Badong (Vince Rillon).

One of the agents tasked to watch surveillance footage is Mario (Gold Aceron), a young man who enjoys taking photos with his DSLR camera. Mario also finds a thrill in his job and observing the drug syndicates through the footage he takes because it keeps his sexual fantasies satisfied.

Mario has a girlfriend named Stephanie (Chloe Jenna) who works in a call center company. A new recruit also joins their team, a beautiful woman named Ara (Micaella Raz). With her ravishing good looks and strong personality, she is fantasized about by almost every agent, including Mario.

When an opportunity to infiltrate the drug den comes their way, Ara becomes an asset and is tasked to get close to Badong so they can easily access all the information needed and finally get the chance to arrest Badong and the other members of his drug syndicate.

As Ara gets deeper into her task, she manipulates Badong, and the young man slowly falls for her. This worries Mario because he has also fallen in love with the seductive Ara after he shared some intimate sexual moments with her.

Meanwhile, Badong is also being tricked by his very own drug syndicate members because his sidekick Enteng (Alvaro Oteyza) messes around with his girlfriend Georgia (Amor Lapus). Will Mario and Ara’s team successfully nail the drug syndicates without being busted by Badong? Will Badong ever realize that he has no one to trust?

A film by Cannes Filmfest best short film director Jon Red, who was also the director of the 2022 Vivamax movie, “Adarna Gang”. “Boso Dos” stars Vivamax actors Gold Aceron, Micaella Raz, and Vince Rillon, with Amor Lapus, Alvaro Oteyza, and Chloe Jenna. With special participation from award-winning and seasoned actors – Rico Soliman, Ronnie Lazaro, Katya Santos and Epy Quizon.

From Viva Films, “Boso” is a warning for you to be mindful of the things around you, keep your eyes open, and most of all – trust no one. “BOSO DOS” streams exclusively on Vivamax this February 3.