Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez


March 31, 2024 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 116 views

SPEAKER Ferdinand Martin G. Romualdez on Sunday urged Filipinos to help one another, especially those in need, and to unite for a more prosperous Philippines.

“We recognize the hardships endured by our fellow Filipinos, especially those facing economic difficulties and other social issues. Easter calls upon us to extend a helping hand to those in need and demonstrate empathy and kindness towards one another. Together, we can build a society that leaves no one behind and ensures the well-being of all,” Speaker Romualdez said in an Easter message to the nation.

“Let this season of renewal be a reminder of our shared responsibility to uphold justice, equality, and progress. As public servants, it is our duty to serve the best interests of the Filipino people, listen to their voices, and work tirelessly for their welfare. Let us remain steadfast in our commitment to good governance, transparency, and accountability, ensuring that the trust placed in us is honored with the utmost integrity,” he said.

The leader of the 300-plus-strong House of Representatives urged Filipinos to ‘never forget the power of unity in our pursuit of a better future.”

“Despite our diverse backgrounds, beliefs, or political affiliations, we are all interconnected as citizens of this great nation. By standing together, we can overcome any challenge, heal the wounds of division, and forge a path towards a more prosperous and harmonious Philippines,” he said.

“Easter serves as a reminder of the power of hope, renewal, and faith. It is a time when we come together as a nation, setting aside our differences and embracing the spirit of unity and compassion,” he said.

“In the midst of the challenges we face as a nation, this joyous occasion brings us a message of resilience and the promise of a brighter future. Just as Jesus Christ triumphed over darkness and emerged victorious, let us draw inspiration from His example and rise above the trials that confront us,” he said.

“On this meaningful celebration, may we find solace in the promise of hope and renewal. May we draw strength from the spirit of sacrifice and selflessness exemplified by Jesus Christ. Let us be inspired to become agents of positive change, spreading love, compassion, and understanding in our communities,” he said.

The House leader extended his best wishes to Filipinos on the day they celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

“As we honor this sacred time, I extend my warmest wishes for a peaceful, joyous, and deeply meaningful celebration to you and your loved ones. May the spirit of the occasion infuse our hearts with unwavering faith, unyielding hope, and boundless love. Happy Easter!” he said.