March 31, 2024 People's Journal 109 views

PRESIDENT Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. reminded the Catholic faithful to be inspired by the promise of Jesus Christ to rise again and deliver eternal salvation for all as he urged them to be united in praying for collective pursuit to build a “Bagong Pilipinas” that everyone deserves.

In his Easter Sunday message, President Marcos said Easter Sunday is a reminder that, “while faith, devotion, and sacrifice are, by themselves, worthy ideals to aspire for, they also yield great rewards both here on earth and the hereafter.”

President Marcos added the Catholic faithful should emulate Jesus Christ by always remembering the needs of others especially those who have less in life, the sick and the downtrodden.

“Let us draw inspiration from this important narrative as we overcome our personal and spiritual challenges. May this day also excite our hearts to live a Christ-like life, especially in sharing our blessings in whatever form to the poor, the sick and the downtrodden,” President Marcos said.

“Finally, let us unite in praying for the continued guidance of God Almighty in our collective pursuit to build the Bagong Pilipinas that we are destined to achieve. I wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter Sunday,” the chief executive added.

President Marcos joined with all the Catholic faithful across the country and around the world in solemnly celebrating Easter Sunday, or the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after his death by crucifixion. PCO