Concern for OFWs

July 25, 2023 People's Tonight 317 views

AS ONE of the world’s principal manpower exporters, the Philippines needs to ensure the health, safety and welfare of the country’s millions of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs).

Admittedly, given the vital contribution of these workers, many of them young women, to the domestic economy, there is that urgent need to look after their welfare in foreign lands.

President Marcos announced this last Monday in his second State of the Nation Address before the joint session of Congress at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City.

In his well-applauded speech, Marcos likewise said the government is putting in place responsive mechanisms for the social welfare, repatriation and reintegration of returning OFWs.

The country’s migrant workers continue to send in historically high dollar remittances, solidifying their role in our transformative economic growth, according to the Ilocano Chief Executive.

In fact, records show that last year, our army of migrant workers contributed a staggerimg US$32.5 billion or roughly P1.8 trillion to the Philippine economy.

That’s why the Marcos government is on the right path in looking after the welfare of OFWs and ensure prompt assistance to needy migrant workers.

Several nations have already signified interest in exploring bilateral labor cooperation with the Philippines in various areas, including healthcare, tourism, engineering and hospitality.

At the same time, President Marcos is still hopeful that one day, foreign employment for the Filipino people will just be driven by choice and not because of necessity.

Tiyak ‘yon kung tuloy-tuloy ang pag-unlad ng ating bansa.