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60K cops deployed for Labor Day protests

April 30, 2023 Alfred P. Dalizon 234 views

NEARLY 60,000 policemen will be deployed in Metro Manila and other parts of the country to ensure peace and order during projected Labor Day protest rallies on Monday with officers under instruction to strictly follow their operational procedures and exercise maximum tolerance in dealing with protesters, officials said yesterday.

According to PNP chief General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr., the presence of 59,587 cops will ensure public safety and peace as their number is enough to protect the public in all places of engagement.

The top cop likewise reminded his men to strictly observe the policy of maximum tolerance and ensure that adherence to all Police Operational Procedures, specifically respect for human rights, will be fully observed.

The PNP has coordinated with other government agencies to ensure that the celebration will be carried out peacefully. The PNP chief also reminded the public to be vigilant and alert at all times, as some groups may take advantage of the situation to foment chaos and violence.

He said that they will also be strictly implementing the operational guidelines to effectively cover various aspects of police operations, including traffic management, civil disturbance management, anti-criminality, and counter-terrorism.

The PNP chief urged the public to cooperate with the authorities and follow the security protocols in place during the event.

“Philippine National Police chief, General Benjamin C. Acorda Jr. has instructed all our men to exercise maximum tolerance in dealing with Labor Day protesters. He has told us that respect for human rights and freedom of expression and speech should be fully observed,” said PNP spokesperson Colonel Jean Fajardo.

The official said they are maintaining their normal alert status on Labor Day, although the 17 police regional directors and other field commanders have been given the discretion to raise the level depending on the prevailing situation on the ground.