Wanted: Pinay wife for Nicco

May 7, 2023 Mario Bautista 647 views

AFAM1AFAM2NICO Locco is an Italian-Canadian actor who came to Manila as a model then forayed into acting. His real name is Nicholas Timothy Fowler. So what made him stay in our country?

“Sobrang masaya rito,” he says. “Mga tao, mabait. This is such a beautiful country where everyone smiles. As a foreigner living here, this country gave me the chance to prove I can do something of value and be a better version of myself.”

He has signed up with Viva and after doing supporting roles, he is now given a starring role in “Afam” as JJ, also known as Jamey. The movie is about Pinays who get into a relationship with foreigners. How does he feel about this?

“I feel we should not judge quickly and not just frown on them,” he says. “I notice it’s common to meet a young Pinay with an old foreigner. It maybe true that the guy provides for her and also her family. But the guy has his reasons for doing it. Maybe he is lonely and he finds good companionship with a younger girl.”

He thinks there’s nothing really wrong with interracial relationships. “You see naman a lot of Pinays who are in a good relationship with their foreigner husband, like Iza Calzado and Solenn Heussaff who are both happily married. I’ve had PiInay girlfriends before and they are very maasikaso, very thoughtful.”

He admits such relationships can be difficult. “Foreigners are raised differently, so both parties should make a lot of adjustment as they have different upbringing and belong to different cultures. The important thing is that they truly love each other.”

What is his role in “Afam”? “I play a guy who is having a relationship both with Robb Guinto and Jela Cuenca. This movie actually puts afams in a bad light. I am a cheater and scammer, but a lot of us are really good people. There are also Pinays who use the afam to get a passport and get abroad. But it’s hard to generalize. Ako myself, I get stereotyped everyday just because I’m a foreigner.”

He says that, actually he is not a foreigner anymore. “I’m no longer an afam. I am now 100% Pinoy at heart na. I even believe in aswang, maligno and multo. I feel like in a past life, I was a Filipino.”

He dreams of marrying a Pinay someday. “I respect Filipinos so much and I really love the Philippines. If ever, I want a maayos na relationship with my partner. I believe there is such a thing as pure love between Filipinas and foreigners. I would also love to have an anak na Pinay. Kasi maganda ang mix ng half-half na bata, like Liza Soberano and beauty queen like Catriona Gray and the present Miss Universe R’Bonney Gabriel na half-Pinay and half American. Meantime, don’t miss ‘Afam’ that is now streaming on Vivamax.”