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‘Untimely’ LRT fare hike lamented

June 20, 2023 Jester P. Manalastas 269 views


This is how ACT Teachers Party-list Representative France Castro described the proposed fare hike for LRT Line 1 and LRT Line 2 stressing the still high inflation rate.

Castro is strongly opposed to the fare hike citing the continued impact of high prices and low wages on the commuting public.

“Commuters are still reeling from the high prices of goods and services due to inflation, and they do not even feel that inflation is slowing down with their low wages. The proposed fare hike for LRT 1 and 2 will only add to their burden,” Castro said.

According to the DOTr, LRT-1 and LRT-2’s minimum boarding fee would be adjusted to P13.29 (originally P11), and P1.21 per kilometer for every kilometer traveled (originally P1 per kilometer).

That is a 21 percent increase in base fare and is steep for many commuters.

She also pointed out that public transportation is a basic service that should be accessible and affordable for all Filipinos, especially those who rely on it daily for their livelihood.

“We should prioritize the welfare of the people, especially in these difficult times. The government should provide adequate subsidies to ensure that the fare remains affordable for the commuting public,” Castro said.

She urged the Department of Transportation to reconsider the proposed fare hike and instead look for alternative solutions that will improve the quality of public transportation without burdening the people.

“We call on the government to prioritize the needs of the people, especially the poor and marginalized sectors. We cannot allow public transportation to become a luxury that only a few can afford,”the party-list solon said.