Statement of MTRCB re: disturbing threats targeting Chairperson Lala Sotto

September 14, 2023 Eugene E. Asis 207 views

Evidence1Evidence2Evidence3Evidence4Evidence5Evidence6LALA Sotto, the Chairperson of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) became the target of alarming online attacks. Netizens have taken to the official social media pages of the MTRCB to express their grievances in an inappropriate and harmful manner, raising serious concerns about the safety and security of the Chairperson.

โ€œOver the past weeks, we have experienced an unfortunate surge in threatening messages on our official social media pages, including explicit rape and death threats directed at Chairperson Lala Sotto

โ€œChairperson Lala Sotto is a dedicated public servant who has spent her career advocating for responsible and inclusive media content. She has consistently championed the importance of media content that respects cultural sensitivities while contributing positively to the Philippine entertainment industry.โ€ MTRCB Vice Chairman Njel De Mesa, said.

โ€œNo Filipino deserves such kind of unfounded personal attack. We must not resort to personal attacks because our agency is just doing its mandate. We are happy that our Chair is very active in discharging the functions of our office based on existing laws.โ€ MTRCB Executive Director II Atty. Mamarico Sansarona Jr., added.

While the MTRCB recognizes the importance of constructive criticism and open dialogue, it strongly condemns any form of threats, harassment, or violence, both online and offline. Such behavior is not only illegal but also runs counter to the principles of a Filipino value-based media and entertainment culture that the MTRCB upholds.

The MTRCB remains steadfast in its mission to ensure that television and movie content aligns with the cultural values and norms of the Philippines. We continue to encourage constructive dialogue with the public, emphasizing the importance of civil discourse and responsible criticism.