Roque: Russia-Ukraine war to affect PH economy

February 26, 2022 Ryan Ponce Pacpaco 425 views

UNITEAM senatorial candidate Harry Roque has said the full-blown war between Russia and Ukraine could affect the Philippines economically as the conflict pushes up oil and food prices globally.

Roque, an international law expert and human rights lawyer, warned that prices of essential commodities here would eventually increase, and this could spell new hardships for the people who are already reeling from the impacts of the two-year COVID19 pandemic.

“Eto po ang posibilidad na bago na naman pong banta – ang giyera diyan po sa Europa. Nagputukan na po sa Ukraine, pati po ang Pilipinas damay diyan,” Roque said.

“Tataas na naman ang presyo ng langis, tataas ang presyo ng mga pagkaing inaangkat sa Europa, tataas ang presyo ng lahat ng bilihin dahil ‘yung ating transportasyon sa mga iniaangkat ay maapektuhan. Lahat apektado,” he stressed.

On Thursday, Russian forces intensified their mass assault by land, air, and sea on the eastern part of the former Soviet republic, targeting key military installations and gas pipelines, resulting in hundreds of Ukrainian casualties.

The Russian invasion fuels a near -40% rise in gas price and oil to $105 per barrel as European stock markets tumble and the Asian stock markets plunge, prompting an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

The United States, Britain, and neighboring western nations took turns in condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin and announced economic sanctions against Russia.

To cope with an impending crisis, Roque, a former presidential spokesperson, said Filipinos should vie for candidates with enough experience to serve the country during crisis.

“Mahalaga po na susunod na halalan ang piliin natin ay iyong mayroong sapat na karanasan at kakayahan upang tayo po ay pagsilbihan sa panahon ng krisis,” he said.

Roque said that senatorial candidates should also have sufficient knowledge of international issues to determine how the country would chart its foreign policy.

“Nagdadasal po tayo na naway magtigil putukan na sa Ukraine ng hindi na madagdagan pa ang bilang ng mga namamatay doon sa digmaan,” Roque said.

“Nagdadasal po tayo na lahat ng mga bansa ay susunod sa aking tinuro sa UP College international law na nagbabawal sa digmaan bilang paraan ng paglutas ng ano mang uri ng di-pagkakaunawaan,” he added.