Robin Sen. Robinhood “Robin” C. Padilla has filed Senate Resolution 280, to get to the bottom of the deaths of 24 members of the tribe and the injury to 30 others – and why the Teduray tribe’s right to their ancestral domain was not upheld.

Robin pushes inter-agency approach vs fake news

September 8, 2022 PS Jun M. Sarmiento 278 views

SAYING no single agency can effectively fight fake news, Sen. Robinhood “Robin” C. Padilla pushed for an inter-agency approach that will prevent the abuse of our internet and other tools for information and communication.

Padilla stressed this in Senate Resolution 191, which also seeks an investigation in aid of legislation that will enhance the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and related laws.

“The spread of fake news through means such as social media, messaging mobile applications and SMS has considerably widened the social and political divide among Filipinos resulting in confusion, distrust, and proliferation of hate speech,” Padilla said in his resolution.

“In the Philippines, no less than the Supreme Court recognizes that ‘although freedom of expression enjoys an exalted place in the hierarchy of constitutional rights… the exercise of the right is not absolute for it may be so regulated that it shall not be injurious to the equal enjoyment of others having equal rights, not injurious to the rights of the community or society,” he added.

The resolution tasks the Senate Committee on Public Information and Mass Media led by Padilla to undertake the legislative inquiry.

In his resolution, Padilla noted that $78 billion has been lost to the world economy every year due to fake news in the “financial, public health and business sector, and also in politics.”

He also noted the United Nations Human Rights Council adopted a resolution against fake news last April 1, 2022.

“Pursuant to the police power of the State, Congress has the power to enact laws to regulate speech and restrict any form of expression that may convey false information within the bounds of the Constitution in order to curb the spread and abate the ill effects of ‘fake news,'” Padilla pointed out in his resolution.

Padilla noted several institutions need to do their part against fake news, including:

* The news industry, which needs to promote news literacy and professional journalism

* Educational institutions, which need to be proactive against online propaganda, misinformation, and falsehoods

Also, Padilla noted the Department of Information and Communications Technology and Philippine National Police set up a task force against fake news during the Covid pandemic.

Only last August, the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group intensified its cyber patrolling against fake news.