PNP records zero COVID-19 case

December 16, 2021 Alfred P. Dalizon 359 views

FOR the first time since March last year, the Philippine National Police (PNP) recorded a ‘zero’ COVID-19 case in the more than 225,000-strong force on Thursday, a report to PNP chief, General Dionardo B. Carlos said.

According to PNP Health Service director, Brigadier Gen. Antonino R. Cirujales, the good news is that apart from the ‘zero case,’ they also recorded three new recoveries on the same day.

The official said that since March 2020, a total of 42,240 police personnel have contracted the virus although 42,090 of them have fully recovered from the disease and are now back to full duty status.

PNP doctors, however, are continuously monitoring 25 ‘active cases’ in the force which has registered 125 COVID-19 fatalities since last year.

As of yesterday, Brig. Gen. Cirujales said that 94.86 percent or 213,924 members of the PNP are already fully vaccinated while 4.45 percent of 10,042 have already gotten their 1stdose and now waiting for their 2nd jab.

Another 1,555 police personnel or 0.69 percent of the total 225,521 members of the PNP remain to be inoculated, 790 of them with valid reasons and 765 without valid reason. Gen. Carlos has ordered the PNP-HS to continue convincing the unvaccinated PNP personnel to get the jab in order to protect them, their family and their peers.