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Pinoys in US assured of early release, increase in COVID vax supply in PH

May 1, 2021 Cristina Lee-Pisco 372 views

THE Philippines has reassured the Filipino community in the United States that the Embassy is continuously engaging and negotiating with the US government and vaccine manufacturers for the early release and increased vaccine supply in the Philippines.

Deputy Chief of Mission Renato Villa made this assurance amid the numerous challenges the Philippines is currently facing.

Villa also noted the Philippine Government’s vaccine procurement efforts in the United States and through other vaccine sources including the WHO COVAX Facility.

The Humanitarian Coalition (PHC), Philippine Medical Association MDC, US Filipinos for Good Governance DC (USFGG) and US Medicare participated in the Philippines hosted virtual community forum.

Loida Lewis, one of the Filipino-American Community leaders present during the forum shared that she had an opportunity to speak with Ambassador Jose Manuel Romualdez who reiterated the importance of Filipino-American Community’s cooperation in urging the Biden Government for the early release of the Moderna vaccine, and a 5 million allocation of the US’ AstraZeneca vaccine stockpile.

She also shared their like-mindedness on how community pantries in the Philippines could be a helpful avenue for support in other means.

Various Filipino community organizations also reported their recent actions on COVID assistance efforts for the Philippines.

Forum participants from the Philippines also shared information regarding the situation in their respective communities.

Villa commended the Filipino-American community members for their steadfast support and contributions towards the same vision of a healthy and rejuvenated Philippines.