PAL bares cancelled flights, aviation sector tackles changes in protocols

January 11, 2022 Jun I. Legaspi 565 views

THE flag carrier of the Philippines continues to experience challenges in sustaining full operations because an increasing number of frontline and support personnel are unable to report for work due to precautionary quarantine or self-isolation requirements, said Cielo Villaluna, spokesperson of Philippine Airlines (PAL).

“We are taking the precaution of cancelling a number of PAL flights, even as our PAL teams do all we can to maintain as many other flights as possible, process all passenger requests and relieve the longer call waiting times and ticket office queues. We request your kind understanding as we cope with these temporary challenges,” said Villaluna.

The following DOMESTIC flights have been cancelled: 10-Jan PR 2519/2520 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2981/2982 and PR 2985/2986 Manila-Tacloban-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2037/2038 Manila-Caticlan-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2143/2144 Manila-Iloilo-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2205/2206 Manila-Roxas-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2783/2784 Manila-Pagadian-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2959/2960 Manila-Cotabato-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2938/2939 Manila-Butuan-Manila; 10-Jan PR 2557/2558 Manila-Dipolog-Manila; 11-Jan PR 2037/2038 and PR 2045/2046 Manila-Caticlan-Manila; 11-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila; 11-Jan PR 2957/2958 Manila-Cotabato-Manila; 11-Jan PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila; 11-Jan PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 12-Jan PR 2037/2038 and PR 2045/2046 Manila-Caticlan-Manila; 12-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila; 12-Jan PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 12 Jan PR 2519/2520 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila; 12-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila; 13-Jan PR 1835/1880 and PR 1847/1848 and PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 13-Jan PR 2037/2038 and PR 2045/2046 Manila-Caticlan-Manila; 13-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila; 13-Jan PR 2987/2988 Manila-Tacloban-Manila; 13-Jan PR 2957/2958 Manila-Cotabato-Manila;x13-Jan PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila; 13-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila;x14-Jan PR 2037/2038 and PR 2045/2046 Manila-Caticlan-Manila; 14-Jan PR 2519/2520 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila; 14-Jan PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 14-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila; 14-Jan PR 2985/2986 Manila-Tacloban-Manila; 15-Jan PR 1835/1880 and PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 15-Jan PR 2037/2038 and PR 2045/2046 Manila-Caticlan-Manila; 15-Jan PR 2529/2530 Manila-Cagayan de Oro-Manila; 15-Jan PR 2921/2922 Manila-Legazpi-Manila;15-Jan PR 2957/2958 Manila-Cotabato-Manila; 15-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila; 16-Jan PR 1835/1880 Manila-Cebu-Manila; 16-Jan PR 2965/2966 Manila-Busuanga (Coron)-Manila; and 16-Jan PR 2861/2862 Manila-Cebu-Manila;

The following INTERNATIONAL flights have been cancelled: 10-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo Haneda-Manila; 13-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo Haneda-Manila; and
14-Jan PR 422/421 Manila-Tokyo Haneda-Manila

“This is a very fluid situation: We may need to cancel more flights or make other operational adjustments in the coming days. Please continue to check flight status for any changes in your flight schedule. Our PAL Medical team is actively monitoring the health and wellness of all employees – including our cabin crew and flight teams. PAL adopts and continuously updates strict health and safety protocols to protect all travelers, including full PPE for our cabin crew, aircraft cabin air flow systems that continuously infuse fresh air, and HEPA filters that screen out viruses and other contaminants, for a safer and cleaner environment, “ Villaluna added.

In a separate interview Atty. Danjun Lucas, spokesperson of the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) said airlines have bee affected as some flight crew have tested positive for the virus and are in isolation.

“Nakipagpulong kami, sa pangunguna ni Sec. Art Tugade ng DOTr and CAAP head DG Jim sa mga airlines para makinig sa mga recommendations nila for possible changes in quarantine and isolation protocols for the aviation sector (maybe PAL and CebPac can also comment po). These will be submitted to IATF for consideration,” said Lucas. “We are closely working with the airlines and other agencies to immediately address this concern, but all along mindful of the health protocol prevailing, taking into account the instruction to ensure continuous operations and public service provision,” he added.