Gov’t doing good job

February 20, 2023 People's Tonight 245 views

IT would do well for government offices, notably those tasked to uplift the living conditions of the people, to work in unison with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

Filipinos expect the Marcos presidency to attain the goal of living generational poverty and draw the poor into the social mainstream.

Admittedly, many of the more than 110 million Filipinos, particularly farmers, fishermen and ordinary workers, are still in the grip of de-energizing poverty.

And aware of the mushrooming number of homeless Filipinos, notably in urban areas across the country, the government hopes to build one million housing units a year.

The administration’s housing program is aimed at providing the homeless and low-salaried government and private employees with decent but affordable dwelling units.

The priorities of President Marcos government include economic recovery, food security, housing, job creation, improved health care, and enhanced infrastructure projects.

Other focus areas are climate change adaptation and utilization of renewable energy sources.

The government, through its various offices and agencies, is doing a great job in meeting the employment, housing, medical and other needs of the burgeoning population.